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The Data Book – back to the future

GHM, Auckland, 17 September 2014: As you probably know, Mediaweb, the former owner of Onfilm magazine & The Data Book, is in receivership and the title is not currently being published.
But the business is far from dead. Former Onfilm / Data Book advertising manager Kelly Lucas has purchased the assets of the company (including the Onfilm database and The Data Book) and is working on a relaunch for The Data Book (www.databook.co.nz) website later this year and a new book in early 2015.
“When the opportunity came up to salvage the Onfilm and Data Book assets from the Receivers I couldn’t let them go,” she says.
“The revival plans are evolving, The Data Book website is undergoing a major revamp with loads more relevant features and the hardcopy book will be out early next year – Onfilm is on hold for now while I work on this but I am looking at options for 2015.”
“I will be in touch with companies over the next couple of months to update their Data Book listings on the new site and be included in the 2015 edition.
Lucas added: “Please bear with me while I go through this process. I am really saddened for any other companies who have also been left in the lurch by the previous owners, I am working through how I can to bring these titles through to a new age.”
• Contact Kelly Lucas at [email protected] or 021 996 529.

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