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DEGNZ names inaugural incubees

The Directors & Editors Guild of New Zealand (DEGNZ) has named 10 emerging women directors selected for the inaugural Women Filmmakers Incubator.

They are Catherine Bisley (short Wide-Eyed), Nathalie Boltt (shorts The Silk, Vajazzle), Abigail Greenwood, (shorts Eleanor, Eleven), Kirsty Hamilton (Saving Grace), Cathy MacDonald (short The December Shipment), Renae Maihi (short Butterfly), Zoe McIntosh (Lost in Wonderland, The Deadly Ponies Gang), Niki Si’ulepa (shorts Snow in Paradise, Aroha), Yamin Tun (shorts The Dream of the Driver, Wait), and Aidee Walker (shorts The F.E.U.C., Friday Tigers).

Several of the shorts made by the directors selected have competed at the NZIFF and Show Me Shorts. Tun’s Wait (pictured, top) is currently a finalist in this year’s NZ’s Best competition.

The DEGNZ Incubator is a targeted initiative designed to give emerging female directors the opportunity to build their knowledge, skills and networks as a means to advance their careers and projects in the screen industry.

Each workshop in the programme will bring in highly successful filmmakers and experts in a stepped approach that will develop participants’ confidence and capability to engage with the screen industry. The workshop series will start in Auckland in September and run to next winter.

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