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Department of Post taps Katie Hinsen for Head of Ops

After leaving Wellington’s Park Road Post for New York City just over six years ago, Katie Hinsen is back, and ready to bring a fresh set of eyes to Auckland’s screen production industry.

Katie Hinsen comes from a technical and operations background, with credits on over 80 major productions. Over a 20-year career she has worked as an engineer, editor, VFX artist, Stereoscopic 3D artist, colorist and finishing artist; on commercials, documentaries, television, music videos, short and feature films, at such facilities as Park Road Post Production, Goldcrest, and Light Iron, a Panavision company.
Hinsen has throughout her career been involved in both production and R&D of new digital acquisition and distribution formats including Stereoscopic/Autostereoscopic 3D, RED, HFR, HDR, 4K+ and DCP. She is considered both a world expert in a number of technologies including High Dynamic Range and High Resolution 4K-8K workflows, and celebrated as a major Thought Leader in the post production industry, writing, advising and speaking at industry conferences.
When looking back at New Zealand’s screen production industry, it became apparent that there was a great opportunity for growth in Auckland. Department of Post, with its focus on innovative uses of resources and talent, was an obvious fit for Ms Hinsen.

“ I was looking for a company that had the forward-thinking agility to be able to grow in a rapidly-changing industry. New Zealand punches well above its weight in talent and innovation, and now is the time to use this to expand our wider post production ecosystem,” says Hinsen.

“ Department of Post is a company that has shown rapid growth and great success by taking risks, thinking outside the box, and collaborating across town, across country and across the world. That’s a model I can work with, to help bring and retain more high-end work to Auckland’s post community. We’ve got an increasing number of large-scale productions choosing to shoot here, I want to give them a competitive reason to stay here through Post.“

Started by James Brookes and James Gardner in 2008, Department of Post has grown from simple roots. They recognized the changing landscape of post production and worked to fill this space in the market. Department of Post now provides Offline, Online, Colour, Audio and Deliverables services to film and television productions, both local and international, with a focus on cutting-edge technology and workflows, while retaining the collaborative, agile and innovative foundation upon which the company was built.

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