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Digipost: recession? What recession?

Digipost, Auckland, 4 October 2009: Digipost continues to challenge the “recession” with a slate of local and international commercials in house and work on the 13 part series Spartacus: Blood and Sand in full swing at the Auckland facility.

Spartacus is US based Starz Media’s all new action television series, based on the world of gladiators in the Roman Empire. The show boasts producers Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, Joshua Donen and Steven S. Deknight (who is also scriptwriter) and features high profile talent Andy Whitfield, John Hannah and New Zealand’s own Lucy Lawless.

Like northern hemisphere counterparts MPC, Framestore and The Mill, film and television is big business at Digipost, providing the company with what GM Stephen Douglas describes as “a relatively smooth ride” through what has undoubtedly been as a tumultuous time for other vendors in the region.

Digipost’s capability for both short and long form work is unique in the New Zealand market.

“The benefits for our commercial division should not be underestimated”, says Douglas, “Film and television allows us to bring new talent into the fold – and keep them – and it enables us to provide advertising clients with a depth of service and creative excellence uncommon in these parts.”

Digipost is the primary post vendor for Spartacus, which is already receiving enthusiastic attention in the US due to its dramatic look and raunchy ‘R’ rating. The project is being shot in the main on Genesis, with Phantom utilised for high-speed shots and ramping.

Work being handled by Digipost includes compositing a significant quantity of green screen elements, visual effects, digital intermediate mastering as well as sound design under the watchful eye of multi award-winning mixing veteran, William (Bill) Freesh (Deadwood, The Simpsons, Chicago Hope).

Digipost, who have 20 years of leadership in high-end film, television and commercial post production, has expanded both its VFX and audio facilities to accommodate the inflow of work.