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Discovery commissions 13 new projects

Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, Singapore, 4 September 2015: Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific today announced 13 new local productions commissioned out of Asia-Pacific for the network’s various brands including flagship Discovery Channel, leading travel and lifestyle channel TLC, and Discovery Kids. The shows are produced with local production companies and crews, and/or feature local talent, bringing a truly local flavour to programmes that are made for an international audience.

The slate of local productions further reinforces Discovery’s commitment to investing in content and creating compelling local programmes that give insight into the people, cultures, and history in the region – while deepening its connection with viewers.

Charmaine Kwan, Vice President of Programming, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, said, “We have been bringing the world stories from our region for more than 20 years now, ever since Discovery started operations in Asia Pacific. Our programmes are about celebrating human achievements and the wonders of the world, driven by curiosity. So we are very excited about these shows – from animation and sport to survival and lifestyle – all of which have their own appeal but with a distinctly local element.”

The latest topical special from Discovery Channel is SABAH EARTHQUAKE DECODED which examines the science behind the earthquake and the possibility of future occurrences, and tells the touching human stories of those affected. In the one-hour special, some of the children from Singapore’s Tanjong Katong Primary School recount their experience on the mountain – the first time they have spoken in such detail about the tragic day. The special is produced by Malaysia’s Matavia Reka.

Also produced out of Malaysia by Red Communications is Discovery Channel’s YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED WITH EAN NASRUN.  The 10-part series highlights experiments and home-made science heroes from all over the world, through a compilation of clips scoured from the internet. The series is fronted by popular Malaysian radio personality Ean Nasrun, and features experts and clips from Asia.

TAIWAN’S MILITARY ELITE produced with Article Taiwan returns for a second season and is narrated by Joel Lambert, host of Discovery Channel’s international hit series MANHUNT. Lambert, a former Navy SEAL, is the perfect fit for this format, lending not just his voice but also his expertise and experience in the field.

Following the success of Discovery’s natural history shows out of India such as INDIA’S WANDERING LIONS and REVEALED: RAAN OF KUTCH, is the one-hour special ROCK LEOPARDS OF JAWAI, produced with Robin Roy Films.

Fans of ABALONE WARS (pictured) can look forward to the fourth installment of the series and expect all-new challenges as the abalone dive crews return to the hostile waters of Port Lincoln.  The series is produced by NHNZ.

In the lifestyle genre, KITCHEN KAKIS with Malaysian production company Double Vision features local home cooks Aaron Chen and Yang Lee Keong in their television debut. The buddies, who share a common love for cooking, show that even the average guy can make much more than just man-food.

Discovery has also partnered with Singapore-based One Animation, to produce THE INSECTIBLES, a high-end animation series targeted at kids. This is Discovery’s second animation for Discovery Kids.

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