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Disruptive Solution For Post Production

Global technology innovator Kiwa Digital has launched a new release of its post-production software VoiceQ that signifies a paradigm shift for the industry.

“The VoiceQ Democracy Series is a disruptive post production audio solution for a new digital era,” said CEO Steven Renata in launching the series.

“Historically, high quality synchronization for dubbing and ADR could only be achieved by specialized professionals working at enterprise level. We are now in a new digital era with overwhelming demand for high quality media, and this can only be met by placing new software solutions in the hands of the masses.”

The company is riding global trends driving demand:

  • A surge in mobile connectivity and smartphone uptake, to the point where the average U.S. consumer now spends 133 minutes/day consuming media in mobile applications, a rate growing at more than 40% year
  • The growing prevalence of video content: each year to 2020, mobile video traffic will grow by a staggering 55 percent per year driven by driven by video streaming services, video in online content, and new phenomena such as “communitainment”
  • Transmedia storytelliing: more channels, more languages, more content
  • Growing recognition of the need to respect local language and culture as key to identity.

“Democratising ADR and Dubbing delivery is a core value for us, aligned with company purpose. The first bridge that needs to be built is the one that brings people closer, the one that breaks communication barriers, the strongest and most important: LANGUAGE” says Renata.

The VoiceQ3 Democracy Series has been developed through rigorous trailing over the past year, working closely with beta testers in markets around the world who have declared it “the most advanced ADR and dubbing system in the world.”

Kiwa Digital’s VoiceQ

Its launch is being promoted through a series of videos produced by New Zealand success story 90 Seconds, the world leading cloud video production platform.

These and other promotions echo VoiceQ’s origins, a point of difference in global markets. As UK industry leader John Harley comments: “It was great to find a company that had developed this software version of old technology – from New Zealand of all places!”

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