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Diverse and informative local programmes get the nod

With an appropriate sense of timing, NZ On Air has announced supported for a raft of documentary programming on the second day of the Screen Edge Festival.

The full release follows:

A lively new weekly programme for Māori youth, a look back at one of our most successful songs and its creator, and a series with three sisters who could run rings around the Kardashians have been supported by NZ On Air in the final funding round of the financial year.

2Kaha will be a live hosted studio entertainment magazine-style programme, offering a window into the world of successful young Māori. It has been funded under NZ On Air’s Rautaki Māori strand.

A new eight-part documentary series, with the tongue-in-cheek title Keeping Up With The Kaimanawas follows the lives of three young sisters as they try to turn several of the wild Kaimanawa horses into champion show jumpers.

A two-hour tele-feature for Māori Television will explore the creation of one of New Zealand’s most famous songs Poi E, and the legendary man behind it, Dalvanius Prime.
Continuing the music theme, a one-off one-hour documentary charting the development and history of New Zealand’s most famous female musos will be made for Prime. Rock Chicks will feature the likes of Shona Laing and Sharon O’Neill, through to the stars of today such as Gin Wigmore and Lorde.

Bullies, a three-part series on Prime will investigate bullying in New Zealand and seek solutions, while a one-hour documentary for Māori Television will tell the stories of a generation of young offenders who spent time in state institutions, to illustrate how their experiences have shaped who they are.

The acclaimed localist series Christchurch From The Streets will be back for a second series providing insights for the whole of the country from the Christchurch rebuild.

We’ve also funded the return of the very popular TV One series This Town, taking viewers to all corners of New Zealand to hear the stories of our diverse communities. Four new documentaries for Māori Television have also been supported under the Pakipūmeka strand.

“Diversity is at the heart of what NZ On Air is here to deliver. The line-up of programmes funded this round will ensure that New Zealand viewers continue to have fresh, innovative ideas covering diverse topics presented on screen in the coming year,” says Jane Wrightson, Chief Executive of NZ On Air.

Funding details
2Kaha, 25 x 30mins, Whitebait Productions for TV2, $1,025,000
This Town 2, 8 x 1hr, Jam TV for TV One, $968,820
Keeping Up With The Kaimanawas, 8 x 30mins, Project Melting Pot for TV One, $493,800
Bullies, 3 x 1hr, The Gibson Group for Prime, $439,200
Christchurch From The Streets 2, 6 x 30mins, Frank Film for TV One, $248,425
Poi E, 1 x 2hrs, Jawbone Pictures for Māori Television, $189,000
Rock Chicks, 1 x 1hr, Kingfisher Films for Prime, $179,957
Little Criminals, 1 x 1 hr, White Balance Pictures for Māori Television, $169,967

Pakipūmeka Aotearoa
Murupara Dreaming, 1 x 1 hr, Bates Productions for Māori Television, $125,596
The Silent Soldiers, 1 x 1hr, Whitiora Productions for Māori Television, $125,053
A New Zealand Way Of Death, 1 x 1hr, Pou Media Limited for Māori Television, $125,000
A Karakia For Alan Smith, 1 x 1hr, Blue Bach Productions for Māori Television, $124,990

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