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Doc Edge 2010 fetes winners

Five days of intense activity came to a close with the usual inappropriate behaviour and promises to return, expressions of undying love all wrapped in a happy haze of alcohol as Doc Edge rolled up its Lab and Forum and rolled out the awards.

Last weekend’s Lab and the three-day Forum were hosted at Auckland University of Technology, supplying not only a venue and expertise, but also distracting amounts of student eye-candy who caused whiplash in a number of delegates.

AUT lecturer Laurent Antonczak, Doc Edge Lab mentor and Forum panellist, explained the attraction for AUT of partnering with Doc Edge to host its 2010 events. Part of AUT’s research remit is to build capability and work with emerging technologies, and specifically to do that in collaboration with external third parties.

That’s where Doc Edge fits in, as a third party working in related fields.

On the final day of the Forum, the morning was devoted to Doc Pitch – the pitching competition run by the able hands of Pat Ferns. Eleven projects ran the gauntlet, some of them having taken part in last weekend’s Lab in preparation for their seven minutes in the sun.

The winner was Bring It On Home, about porn king Steve Crow, his return to his small town roots and the project he undertakes there – a risqu? charity calendar featuring porn-stars. The project – in addition to its obvious commercial potential – was chosen for its strong NZ content and appeal to a local audience. Director Simon Burgin picked up a handy $3,500 credit at Panavision to help with their next project.

Two projects were also awarded Special Mentions, being Malcolm Wright’s Whale Like Me (taking a Japanese whaling family to the Cook Islands to swim with whales) and William Watson’s Army Without Guns (the story of a coalition army led by the New Zealand Defence Force and local women during a little-known civil war in the Pacific). Army Without Guns will be produced by DOCNZ’s Alex Lee and Dan Shanan – although they were at pains to point out they had absolutely nothing to do with the judging process!

During the final afternoon, the vastly popular Date-a-Doco session saw commissioners and funders swamped with offers. One conference room was devoted to the speed-dating, the datees playing the part of the pretty girls; the other housed the hopeful ‘boys’, waiting their turn to rotate through, all keen to be seen and make the good impression that might one day lead to a happy ending, but uncertain of success in the face of stiff competition.

A number of the projects pitched as part of Doc Pitch took advantage of the opportunity to sit down one-to-one with panel members for whom they had presented en masse earlier in the day.

At the Awards bash, the DOCNZ Trust announced the formation of an international advisory board. Its members – all of them Forum participants this year and some of them returning speakers – will be Wendy Levy (BAVC), Pat Ferns, Hans Robert Eisenhauer (ZDF/Arte), Julia Overton (Screen Australia) and Simon Ho (GZDOC).

The international advisors complement the NZ board (David Bigio, Ewa Bigio, Dave Booth, Annie Goldson and Jonathan Smith) by being able to provide information and perspectives difficult to source locally.

The festival awards came in local and international flavours. The winners of the local awards were …

Doc Edge Best Research
Dance of the Instant, Shirley Horrocks

Doc Edge Best Sound
The Unnatural History of the Kakapo, Scott Mouat

Doc Edge Best Editing (NZ)
Liquid Stone: Unlocking Gaudi’s Secrets, Polly Stone

Screenrights Best Educational Documentary
Dance of the Instant, Shirley Horrocks

Doc Edge Best Emerging Filmmaker
Anna McKessar, Five Hours with Raja

Doc Edge Best Cinematography
The Unnatural History of the Kakapo, Scott Mouat

Doc Edge Best Director
Scott Mouat

Doc Edge New Zealand Competition – Short Documentary
Dance of the Instant, Shirley Horrocks
A Special Mention was awarded to Marching On, Charlie Gates and Justin Heaney

Doc Edge New Zealand Competition – Feature Documentary
The Unnatural History of the Kakapo

Doc Edge Best Contribution to the NZ Industry – The Outstanding Achievement Award
Gaylene Preston

The international winners were …

Doc Edge Best Editing
Stolen Violeta Ayala and Daniel Fallshaw, Australia

Doc Edge Best Cinematography
At the Edge of the World Dan Stone, USA

Doc Edge Director
Joint winners:
Zhao Liang Petition
Yoav Shamir Defamation

International Competition – Short Documentary
The Solitary Life of Cranes Eva Weber, UK

International Competition – Feature Documentary
Last Train Home, Lixin Fan, Canada

A Special Mention was awarded to Stolen, Violeta Ayala and Daniel Fallshaw, Australia

The DOCNZ Trust, organisers of the Doc Edge Lab and Forum, don’t get a break just yet despite the enormous amount of effort that’s gone into the Lab and Forum. The Doc Edge Festival continues in Auckland until 14 March, and runs in Wellington 13 – 28 March. It’s time to enjoy some documentary product, having spent the last three days talking about it.

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