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Doc Edge 2012 festival winners

Last night at, appropriately, The Edge, the 2012 edition of the Doc Edge festival held its awards gala with around 150 industry folk turning up to celebrate the achievers and commiserate with those going home empty-handed.

Also appropriately, in the midst of the Comedy Festival, the amusing and entertaining David Bigio repeated his turn as MC. Opening the evening, he offered a witty if occasionally barbed “leaked transcript” of the handover of the Broadcasting portfolio from former Minister Jonathan Coleman (an award presenter last year) to current Minister Craig Foss, in the audience ahead of his turn presenting the outstanding contribution award.

18 years on from the release of Oscar-nominated Hoop Dreams, Steve James has finally got the recognition he deserves, winning thrice at Thursday’s Doc Edge Awards bash with his latest documentary The Interrupters.

The Interrupters picked up the category award for the Best World Cinema strand, making it eligible for the Best Feature Documentary gong, which it also took out, along with a half share in the Best Director award with Chris Paine (festival opener Revenge of the Electric Car). Paine’s film also got a special mention in the World Cinema section.

The local awards were shared around, with only Grant Lahood’s Intersexion picking up two wins (Best Feature Documentary and Best Editing). James Muir came a close second, winning the Best Emerging Filmmaker gong and picking up a Special Mention in the Best Short Documentary category for River Dog.

NHNZ’s Neil Harraway accepted the Outstanding Contribution award, and NHNZ had a hand in the Best Short Documentary winner. Roland Kahurangi and Rachael Patching’s Gone Curling… was made during tertiary study as part of a programme of short documentary films for which NHNZ offers mentorship.

The winners were:

International Competition
Best Short Documentary
Vinterlys (Skule Eriksen)
Special Mention: Dilli

Best Feature Documentary
The Interrupters (Steve James)
Special Mention: Revenge of the Electric Car

Best Director
Steve James (The Interrupters) and Chris Paine (Revenge of the Electric Car)

Best World Cinema
The Interrupters
Special Mention: The Carrier

Best Future Watch
Five Star Existence
Special Mention: Work Hard, Play Hard

Best Arab Spring
Malaki – Scent of an Angel
Special Mention: Tahrir 2011

Best Human Rights
Who Killed Chea Vichea
Special Mention: Crime After Crime

Best Generations
Life in Stills
Special Mention: The Flat

Best Heroes and Icons
Incessant Visions
Special Mention: Kumare

Best Culture Vultures
Andrew Bird: Fever Year
Special Mention: Lemon

New Zealand Competition
Best Short Documentary
Gone Curling… (Roland Kahurangi/Rachael Patching)
Special Mention: River Dog

Best Feature Documentary
Intersexion (Grant Lahood)

Best Director
Geoffrey Cawthorn (View From Olympus)

Best Cinematography
Yakel 3D

Best Editing

Best Emerging Filmmaker
James Muir (River Dog)

Outstanding Contribution to NZ Documentary Industry
NHNZ (Natural History New Zealand)

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