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Doc Edge 2012 launched into local orbit

Doc Edge 2012 held its launch on Wednesday, revealing the festival programme which opens with a new car and closes with a wreck, with a good amount of NZ doco product both long and short, and a strong and varied selection of international product sandwiched in between.

Opening the festival in Auckland on 26 April Chris Paine’s Revenge of the Electric Car follows up his previous Who Killed the Electric Car? (also seen at Doc Edge), moving on five years from the original and exploring the major manufacturers’ entry into the field.

On 13 May the Auckland leg wraps prior to the 17 april Wellington opening. The closing film is Bryan Maon & Sophie Hyde’s Life in Movement, a celebration of the life of dancer and choreographer Tanja Liedtke, Artistic Director of the Sydney Dance Company, who was killed by a truck.

In between, a bus programme includes five NZ doco features (one in 3D) and seven shorts.

Yakel 3D, by Rachael Wilson and shot by Emmy-Award winning cameraman Michael Single, explores the beauty of Yakel – a remote village in Vanuatu and one of the last “primitive” cultures left in today’s society.

Grant Lahood (Kombi Nation, Chicken) premieres his latest documentary, Intersexion at the festival. It follows NZ’s first “out” intersex person, Mani Bruce Mitchell, as he/she travels to meet other intersex people living in America, Ireland, Germany, South Africa and Australia.

Ex-cop Wayne Stringer is New Zealand’s Nazi Hunter, having investigated 47 “displaced persons” who originally came to New Zealand at the end of WWII.

Leonie Reynolds’ Disappear In Light charts the odyssey playwright/performer Jo Randerson faces realizing her show, a black comedy about death.

Geoffrey Cawthorn’s View from Olympus follows celebrated Greek-Kiwi composer John Psathas; who composed the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2004 Athens Olympics.

The shorts screening are Campbell Cooley’s The Colours Duet; Roland Kahurangi & Rachael Patching’s Gone Curling; James Muir & Don Hunter’s River Dog; Felicity Karen Morgan-Rhind’s Fiona’s Story; Gemma Duncan’s Bridge Under the Water; Emma Calvely’sKyren and the Mysterious World of Sight; and Kristian O’Neill’s 50 People One Question.

The Doc Edge Festival runs from the 26 April – 13 May in Auckland and 17 May – 3 June in Wellington. The festival’s awards bash will run 3 May in Auckland, during the 2 – 4 May Screen Edge Forum at AUT’s CoLab.

For more information on screenings, bookings and other events, visit Doc Edge.

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