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Doc Edge almost ready to reveal all

57 titles will play in the 10th edition of Documentary Edge, which will play Auckland and Wellington from the middle of next month.

Musician Eliiott Smith, the subject of Heaven Adores You

Musician Eliiott Smith, the subject of Heaven Adores You

Today a few more titles are teased out ahead of tomorrow’s full monty.

Banned-in-the-US title The Forecaster examines Martin Armstrong, a financial mastermind who predicted major economic turning points with astounding precision right up until his arrest and imprisonment in 1999. Free again, he shares his thoughts on what’s coming for October this year.

Heaven Adores You muses on the short life of songwriter Elliott Smith, the pen behind Kanye West’s Jesus Walks, released in 2004 (the year after Smith’s death) and still one of West’s most-requested and -performed songs.

Deli Man traces the ewish migration to New York in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, bringing with them the new-to-America concept, the delicatessen. Director Erik Greenberg Anjou will present the film.

Of Men and War looks at American soldiers and new therapies for PTSD, a theme touched on in Clint Eastwood’s recent Oscar nominee American Sniper.

And, finally breaking away from America and heading this way fresh from Hot Docs,Frame by Frame tracks four Afghani photojournalists trying to establish a free press in a country not often associated with press freedom.

The titles join Christopher Dudman’s Christchurch doco The Day That Changed My Life, Nick Broomfield’s Tales of the Grim Sleeper , and opening and closing films, Sweet Micky for President and (T)ERROR.

The full programme will available online from Wednesday. The Documentary Edge Festival will run 20 May – 1 June at Q Theatre, Auckland; 3 – 14 June at The Roxy Cinema, Wellington. The Screen Edge Forum will run 29 May at AUT, Auckland and 4 June at Park Road Post, Wellington.

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