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Doc Edge takes seat at The Desk

The Documentary Edge Festival announced late addition The Desk, featuring Paul Henry, at its programme launch in Auckland Tuesday evening.

Andrew Goldman's The Desk, featuring Paul Henry

Andrew Goldman’s The Desk, featuring Paul Henry

Doc Edge gets the film’s international premiere, following its world premiere in Florida. The film’s director, former New York Times journalist Andrew Goldman, will be in NZ to present the film and participate in the Screen Edge Forum.

The Desk tracks the making of Goldman’s short film featuring Paul Henry after his departure from TVNZ in 2010. While directing the scripted short, Goldman was fired from his job as a weekly interviewer for The New York Times magazine. The Desk observes his mad adventures with Paul Henry during the making of this film, as Goldman’s life disintegrates around him. As well as Henry, the film also features veteran porn star Ron Jeremy and Air New Zealand’s favourite fitness guru Richard Simmons at their finest.

All up, 58 films will screen in the Documentary Edge Festival, of which almost a quarter are NZ titles. Among the local shorts is The Characteristics of C-Minor from J.Ollie Lucks, currently busy with Loading Docs title Wilbur Force.

Longtime festival supporter and occasional SCREENZ contributor Tony Forster will present the world premiere of his directorial debut An Accidental Berliner. Also up for a world premiere is A Place to Call Home from Briar March, whose There Once Was an Island was pitched at Doc Edge’s forum event several years ago.

Returning to the festival is Richard Sidey, this time with Speechless: the Polar Realm. Hip Hop-eration, EP-ed by festival director Alex Lee, has a special fundraising outing on 29 May, the night of the festival awards. The Berry Boys from The Production Shed’s Yvonne Mackay (The Silent One, Kaitangata Twitch), Christopher Dudman’s previously-announced The Day That Changed My Life and Arik Reiss’ Druglawed complete the local feature offering.

Tickets are on sale today (Wednesday) and the programme is available online. The 10th anniversary edition of the Documentary Edge Festival plays Auckland’s Q Theatre 20 May – 1 June, and Wellington’s The Roxy Cinema from 3 – 14 June.

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