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Doc Edge welcomes NZOA paper on documentary

The Documentary NZ Trust welcome NZ On Air’s call for submissions in response to its discussion paper on Documentary Funding.

“This is timely given the Mind The Gap session at the recent Screen Edge Forum where funders, government, production companies, academics and filmmakers were united in their acknowledgment that there is a gap in the support, funding and broadcast of documentary films.

The meeting gave Documentary NZ Trust the mandate to lead the work on and develop some possible new and additional solutions to this problem” says Dan Shanan, director of Documentary NZ Trust.

“While the focus has been on the demise of TVNZ 7 and the last public TV broadcaster, the gauntlet must be taken up to ensure that documentary remains a meaningful part of our broadcasting diet. We want the younger generation of viewers to value the importance of documentary in protecting the independent, democratic and thoughtful voices of our community” adds Alex Lee, co-director of The Documentary NZ Trust.

The Documentary NZ Trust will run a series of meetings to obtain feedback as to the NZ ON Air discussion paper and to further the work to address the documentary gap.

Details of these meetings will be provided shortly and the Documentary NZ Trust welcomes interested parties to get in contact.

For more information, please contact:-
The Documentary NZ Trust
Ph: 09 3600329
PO Box 90943 AMCS, Auckland 1142


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