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DOCNZ 2010: more awards if you’re quick

The DOCNZ 2010 festival will offer ten awards for local documentaries, including including a special award, Outstanding Contribution to the Documentary Industry.

This award will honour a New Zealander whose achievements have helped pave the way for other local documentary film makers.

The DOCNZ Awards have been expanded in the ‘Local’ category to further celebrate the passion and dedication of New Zealand filmmakers towards the art form.

So far, the festival has received around 450 submissions, with more than 500 of those being from overseas.

The standard submission deadline passed last month. The extended deadline is this Friday, 9 Octiber. Submissions can still be made via Without A Box or DOCNZ website.

The ‘Local’ categories are as follows:
Best NZ Short, Best NZ Feature, Best Director, Best Editor, Best Cinematographer, Best Emerging Filmmaker, Best Educational Documentary, Best Sound and Best Research.

DOCNZ 2010 Festival will be held in Auckland 27th February – 14th March, and in Wellington 13th – 28th March.

The Summit will take place 27 February – 3 March, comprising a Lab (27 – 28 Feb) and the ‘conference’ elements 1 – 3 March.