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Dome VR Theatre Experience at Magnify Expo

Visitors to the Magnify World Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Expo are in for a treat, for the first time in the country you will be able to view a fully-immersive, 360degree, virtual reality digital experience featuring a number of specially made short movies including the Android Jones one of the world’s first artists to develop content for the dome theatres worldwide and recently seen at the Burning Man Festival in the USA.

The Magnify Expo, happening on Sunday the 7th May features a selection of virtual reality and augmented reality exhibits and demonstrations including the VR dome, on show will be Samskara the short film by the acclaimed US digital artist Android Jones, in partnership with #FulldomeLab, plus other content covering astronomy, extreme sports, music arts and culture.

Android Jones’ artwork and musical collaborations are inspirational and have featured throughout the world, including projections on the Sydney Opera House and at Burning Man Festival. Samskara is a beautiful combination of Android Jones’ artwork and imagination, featuring a specially synched Tipper soundtrack, with panoramic projection mapping, fulldome and VR multiple projections. The dome screen is used as a canvas to surround and immerse the audience in the artwork that includes 5.1 surround sound.

Also on show and available for trial at the Expo will be the latest HTV Vive rigs, Samsung Oculus headsets, VR campaigns from Victoria University, google cardboard experiences from Bend VR and a number of augmented reality applcations from Augview and local companies Staples VR, Method VR. Look out for the augmented reality game around the dome where you discover digital content which is activated from the exhibit floor.

HP will have on show a large range of their latest hardware for use for gamers and VR enabled gear plus a combination of their latest sprout augmented reality experiences.

Spokesperson for the Magnify Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Expo, Tom Reidy says that the Public Day is designed to give everyone interested in the AR and VR technology, or seeking a career in the industry, an opportunity to meet the experts and trial the latest products.

“We have a great selection of products and games that have never been seen before in New Zealand, and this is an opportunity to get your hands on them, as well as to talk to the creators and expert representatives about the games, the tech, careers and more,” he said.

“Bring the whole family, spend the day learning and enjoying and get a glimpse into the future,” said Tom.

The dome will also be on show at the Magnify Virtual Reality and Augmented Summit starting on Monday the 8th May, featuring 30 top international and local speakers from the virtual and augmented reality business.

See magnifyworld.com/ for tickets and details.