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Edgerton a stunner in Sydney

Cate Blanchett is recovering after Joel Edgerton, currently gracing NZ screens in Separation City, accidentally biffed the former elf on the back of the head with a 1950’s-style prop radio on stage last night.

Blanchett was knocked down by the force of the blow. Despite picking herself up off the floor and carrying on with the scene, while stemming the bloodflow with a nightie, the remainder of the performance of Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire at the Sydney Theatre Company had to be cancelled.

Art department staff were working late last night to save the radio. An assistant who didn’t want to be named said, “‘Strewth, mate, we’re all choked. The radio is a classic. They just don’t make them like that any more. We’re all pulling together… Well, the others are. I’m just outside having a fag. I’m fucking distraught. Oi, Bruce are we on overtime for this?”