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Emerging markets adopt new post tech

Bulgaria, a nation that many see as a hot-bed for technology innovation, is the latest emerging market to adopt the VoiceQ post-production software system.

VoiceQ software automates the dialog replacement process at post-production stage in the TV, film, video and gaming industries. The patented technology takes traditional French Rythmo Band and German ADR Looping processes, the pinnacles in post-production precision, and pulls them into the digital age, creating new workflows that disrupt the quality and speed at which content is produced.

Leading industry player in Bulgaria, PRO FILMS, is implementing the full VoiceQ software solution into its new dubbing studios in Sofia. This is the first time VoiceQ will be used in Bulgaria.

“Introducing the very latest technology demonstrates we are growing professionally and evolving” says PRO FILMS CEO Emil Simeonov. “With VoiceQ and VoiceQ Writer we will open not only a new chapter, but a whole new library in the dubbing business in Bulgaria. It is a completely new level of the game, that we are positive will significantly increase the speed of our workflow and at the same time deliver higher quality final product to our clients.”

In welcoming the move, VoiceQ CEO Steven Renata says,

“Emerging markets can be quickest to adapt to new technology. They recognize that the global dubbing industry is experiencing massive disruption, with shorter windows, lower budgets, and renewed emphasis on quality; and embrace the benefits a systemized software solution brings.

“We are delighted to have found a client in Bulgaria who has a proven commitment to quality, and look forward to supporting PRO FILMS in building a world-leading dubbing operation.”



Studio Pro Films is a label owned by one of the leading independent theatrical film distributors in Bulgaria – PRO FILMS. The Studio is primary specialized in high-quality lip-synch dubbing and post-production. With thousands of hours of tv programs and more than 35 theatrical features dubbings produced in the last nine years, Studio Pro Films is one of the leading dubbing studios in Bulgaria, providing dubbing services to many local and international clients with Warner Bros, Universal, Sony, SDI and Nelvana amongst them.

VoiceQ is proprietary software developed by New Zealand technology company Kiwa Digital Ltd that automates the dialog replacement process at the post-production stage in the film, television, video and gaming industries. For more www.voiceq.com.