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Entertainment and Technology Summit: roundup

For those of you who didn’t receive an invite to Variety’s Entertainment and Technology Summit in Santa Monica yesterday, which started yesterday, here’s a roundup of their articles covering the event.

Nielsen comes in for a bit of stick as TV executives search for better ratings measurement systems (to drive better returns from advertisers) at the Television Ecosystem: Programming, Advertising and Multi-Platform Distribution Strategies session. Here.

There are apparently a dizzying 250 formats in which viewers can, well, view content. Welcome to the digital age. Here.

As younger viewers migrate to other platforms to access content, some networks are working harder than others to add value to that experience. Here.

And, for the lazy, here is Variety’s roundup article to round off.

And, if you like looking at pretty pictures, here is the flyer for the event.

The Summit runs for three days, so we’ll see if we can’t pick up some other interesting snippets to tempt you with.