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Ever The Land heads to cinema-on-demand

Sarah Grohnert’s Ever The Land is the first New Zealand film to launch on Australian cinema-on-demand platform FanForce.

Created by Sydney Agency The Solid State, FanForce allows fans, community groups, distributors and filmmakers to screen films in just about any cinema – but without financial risk. Screenings only go ahead if enough tickets are sold.

It’s a similar model to that operated by international platform Tugg, which is currently hosting Guy Pigden’s I Survived a Zombie Holocaust.

FanForce co-founder Danny Lachevre said, “New Zealand audiences are passionate and supportive of local films. Ever The Land already has great word of mouth so we think it will do well through our platform. We love bringing inspiring films like this to both New Zealand and Australian communities that may otherwise not get the chance to see it.”

Monsoon Pictures International’s Alexander Behse, who produced the film, said, “We made the decision to self-release Ever The Land following in the footsteps of successful documentary releases such as Gardening With Soul andThe Ground We Won.

“It is physically and financially impossible to have the film screen in every town in New Zealand, but FanForce can make it possible. The nature of Ever The Land is very much about community so our collaboration with FanForce feels right.”

Behse has been in Toronto for the last week, participating in the TIFF Producers Lab. Later this month, Ever the Land will have its international premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Ever the Land premiered in this year’s NZIFF and is currently enjoying a limited theatrical release. FanForce also hosts a NZIFF Autumn Events title That Sugar Film, as well as Australian independent narrative titles including Wyrmwood-Road of the Dead.

Ever the Land’s distribution co-strategist, Geraldene Peters, believes FanForce offers the right range of tools to support the film. “The Distribution strategy for the film is many-sided and we believe FanForce has the necessary flexibility to accommodate the needs of Ever The Land’s different audiences in Aotearoa New Zealand as well as Australia – ranging across specialist gatherings, film festivals, schools, marae, rest homes and local group screenings.”

Ever The Land has picked up impressive reviews since its debut from critics including the Herald’s review by Peter Calder. Flicks’ Liam Maguren and Rip It Up’s Andrew Johnstone. Check out Ever the Land on FanForce or visit evertheland.com/.

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