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Eyes on Taiwan

A week after Taiwan’s major film festival and awards bash closes, former Film Auckland board member Paul Carran has published his first novel and will now turn his eye to promoting it as NZ-Taiwan co-production feature.


Carran also runs Film Factory NZ, a production service company, which was very active up until the late ‘noughties making long form TV movies and series but has been dormant while Carran has watched a number of in-development projects stall following the NZ dollar’s climb into unhelpful territory.

On the bright side, it has given him time to complete Claws of the Dragon: the Fu Gambit, which is described as an “action-packed geopolitical sci-fi fantasy thriller”.

As well as representing Film Auckland, Carran is also a former president of the Asia Pacific Producers Network (APN), which held its annual symposium in Auckland in 2011. As a result of his membership of the two organisations, Carran has visited China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan in the last few years.

Claws of the Dragon: the Fu Gambit is set in NZ and Taiwan, hence Carran’s hopes for its appeal as co-production material. Carran plans to travel to Taiwan in February to promote the project and its rights before cracking into the second part of the trilogy.


In the meantime with long, lazy days on the beach looming, Carran hopes Claws of the Dragon: the Fu Gambit will become a popular read here in NZ. Until the New Year he’s offering the novel (in hard copy form) for $20, either directly on the Claws of the Dragon website or via TradeMe.