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Favourites jostle for 48Hours positions

Following this week’s regional finals, the winners are now found and the grand finalists will be announced on Wednesday. The big winners on the night in Auckland were beards, which seemed to feature in front of or behind the camera in almost every entry, except the all female ones.

Over 800 teams entered, just under a third of them from Auckland, which sort of makes it harder to win there than anywhere else. The Auckland top spot was taken out by Grand Cheval with fad movie Child Jumpers.

The winning films are not yet uploaded to the screening room, but there’s plenty of entertainment to be found in the other films on offer there.

Other regional finals winners were:
Hamilton: Team Art House Massacre, Kingdom of Shadow (Crime)
Taranaki: Team Rubber Soul Productions, Well Strung (Musical/Dance)
Gisborne: Team Cuzzie Films, Fad Town (Fad movie)
Rotorua: Team Working Title 2, Bob’s Not Okay (Musical/Dance)
Wellington: Team Couch Kumaras, Sketch (Road movie)
Christchurch: Team Suspect TV, Naughty Man (Horror)
Dunedin: Team Rabies Babies, Chatter (Fad movie)

The Grand Final won’t screen live on TV this year, but takes place in Auckland at The Civic on Saturday 2 July. Tickets here.