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Film Construction welcomes Patrick McAteer

Patrick McAteer

Patrick McAteer

With over 20 years experience in broadcast, design and VFX production, McAteer established his reputation as the driver of change at post production company Oktobor. He led its move from a traditional visual effects house into a ground breaking digital institution, producing a flow of award winning creative content across multiple media platforms.

Says McAteer: “Leading this team sits with my passion for convergence culture. We have the ability to tell any story via any platform, medium, or channel, and we understand the challenges that brands and companies face.”

“I’ve known Peter Hewitt and Perry Bradley for many years, and have loved watching how Film Construction has been bravely reshaped. They’ve taken two decades worth of expertise in producing television commercials, and applied these skills to digital content and beyond.”

“The rise of transmedia makes it a very interesting time to come back to the content production industry”, McAteer concludes, “Television audiences are dropping and the traditional models of creating content are evolving fast. Clients want to invest in digital ideas, and brands are competing for consumer interest at a time when video games and social media dominate the leisure time of a younger generation. Brands need great storytellers to get their message across.”

Film Construction founding partner Perry Bradley says, “Adding Patrick’s expertise comes at the perfect time in our growth. After so many years devoted to TVC production, its been incredibly exciting to see the growth of Deconstruction, our content division, and Patrick’s drive and energy will help us continue to be at the forefront of production in Australasia.”

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