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Film Raro: adds Brits to mix

The British Council will support a UK team to the Cooks Islands to participate in May’s Film Raro challenge.

The team is led by Tajinder Hayer, with Mark Bull, Scott Dulson and Darryl Peat. The four completed Hayer’s short, Due, in 2011, covering the duties of writing, directing, AD, camera, sound and editing between them.

The Sheffield-based team will make Islands in Raratonga, which Hayer calls “a story for all, it’s about self assertion”.

Film Raro kicks off 13 May, with a grand public screening of all films, the Film Raro International Film Festival, on 25 May.

Hayer et al will join the previously-announced teams from NZ, Australia, Hawaii and one led by an ex-pat Cook Islander now resident in the US.

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