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Film Raro: checking in for take-off

Film Raro is an international phenomenon taking place in the idyllic south pacific location of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands during May 2013.

Over 2000 filmmakers from around the globe entered the Film Raro Pacific Paradise Film
Challenge to contend for six opportunities to journey to the island paradise to make short

Teams from Los Angeles, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii have
been selected to participate bringing a range of experience from film student to Hollywood
block buster producer.

All international teams will work with local Cook Island cast and crew in the world’s most
unique filmmaking course with the aim to capacity build Cook Islanders to eventually tell
their own digital stories to preserve their own language, heritage and culture. It’s also one
of the world’s most innovative initiatives to promote, the holiday destination of the Cook
Islands to international travellers.

“It’s a real and practical exercise in making films,” says Stan Wolfgramm, Film Raro project
creator. “I’m of Cook Island heritage and wanted to create something to help socially and
economically the people of the Cook Islands. This is the first year of our event that will run
annually with plans to grow it to become one of the world’s iconic international film
industry events. Films can bring many benefits to many sectors of society promoting
messages to the world for many, many years.”

Films to be made range from a documentary on one of the Cook Islands most renowned
love songs, to a fable with no dialogue, to a film on domestic violence, to an adaptation of F
Scott Fitzgerald’s odyssey The Off-Shore Pirate and more.

Film Raro is all about to come to fruition on May the 13th as all crews touch down in
Rarotonga to begin filming. They’ll have two weeks to shoot, edit and finish their Cook
Island made films.

“We’re turning the whole island into a studio for a week.” Says Stan

Hollywood producers Robert and Webster Stone with credits that include The Conspirator directed by Robert Redford, Gone in 60 seconds starring Nicholas Cage and Angelina Jolie, and The Negotiator starring Samuel L Jackson have flown into the Cook Islands for a reconnaissance trip before they return for shooting in May.

“We are so impressed with the Film Raro concept, the amount of professional work done by the Film Raro team and the beauty of Rarotonga and its people that we’re excited and dedicated to bringing all our energies to making the best film we can for all involved and the global audience that this film will reach.”

At the end of the two weeks of production comes the Film Raro International Film Festival
on May 25th 2013 where the entire island is invited to bring their families, a blanket and a
picnic to view an outdoor screening of the finished films.

Stan says “Were inviting the island to come and see them selves on the big screen, hear
themselves, laugh and celebrate in locally made Cook Island films. As we say at Film Raro –
‘live the dream’ or as one local put it – “It’s the hottest thing on the rock, oh and the planet.”

For more information on Film Raro checkout our website.

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