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FilmUp names gang of eight

The six filmmakers named below have been selected for FilmUp Mentorship this year.

FilmUp 2015

(left to right) Top row: Desray Armstrong, Dustin Feneley, Nic Gorman.
Middle row: Asuka Sylvie, Curtis Vowell, Karin Williams. Bottom row: Fraser Brown, Julia Parnell

  • Producer Desray Armstrong (shorts Ellen is Leaving, Meathead)
  • Writer/director Dustin Feneley (shorts Eskimo Kiss, Hawker, Snow)
  • Writer/director Nic Gorman (shorts Here Be Monsters, Erotic Services)
  • Writer/director Asuka Sylvie (shorts Pinion, Lake)
  • Director Curtis Vowell (Fantail)
  • Producer Karin Williams (documentaries We Live by the River, Fixing Juvie Justice)

Script to Screen is currently beavering away at confirming mentors who will support them to take the next step up in their careers and creative practice.

In addition to the six named above, the producers Julia Parnell (shorts Dive, Friday Tigers, Hitch Hike) and Fraser Brown (Orphans & Kingdoms) are the beneficiaries of this year’s FilmUp Script Development scheme.

Parnell and Brown work with writer/directors Brendan Donovan and Aidee Walker respectively, honing their development craft and philosophy under the tutelage of story consultant and acting/directing coach Brita McVeigh.

The FilmUp programme opened officially with its first Hub event on 16 April. FilmUp is supported by the New Zealand Film Commission.

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