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Five Kiwi shows nominated for NYF 2011

KHF Media’s Reservoir Hill picked up one of five NZ nominations for this year’s New York Festivals World’s Best TV and Film Awards (NYFWBTF). The other four all went to South Pacific Pictures’ productions. Despite being New York awards, the awards bash will take place in Las Vegas.

Reservoir Hill has already travelled well, winning NZ’s first International Digital Emmy Award last year in Cannes.

South Pacific Pictures’ Outrageous Fortune travelled a little less well, reaching the US and UK as format sales and being remade in each country as shows that lasted a single season.

For the mouthful that is NYFWBTF, SPP is nominated twice in the Best Performance category, once for Outrageous Fortune, once for Stolen, which picked up a second nomination in the Best TV Movie/Drama Special category.

SPP’s fourth nomination was for Best Writing, with Go Girls the nominated show,’Nothing But The Truth’ being the episode (Series 2, Episode 2).

The New York Festivals World’s Best Television & Films recognize work in news, sports, documentary, information and entertainment program as well as in music videos, infomercials, promotion spots, openings and ID’s.

The 2011 edition will be the event’s 54th year, with more than 35 countries represented in the finalists’ list. The ceremony will take place in Las Vegas in April in conjunction with NAB.

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