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Flat 3 does another Raindance

After season 2 of webseries Flat 3 won Best Ensemble Cast at the UK’s Raindance Web Fest last year, the series is again noinated for the upcoming edition.

Flat 3

Flat 3

Roseanne Liang and Simon Ward are nominated for the Best Writing gong for the third and final season of the show, which was supported by NZ On Air. Flat 3 is the only NZ web series selected for Raindance this year.

The team behind Flat 3 is currently in post-production on a new web series, Friday Night Bites. Three pilot episodes are due next month, with the full series currently intended for release from April 2016.

Raindance Web Fest runs 25 – 27 September in London. The nominees for the Raindance Independent Series Awards are:

Best British Series
1000 Londoners (UK: Mark Currie, Rachel Wang – producers)
Blowing the Budget (UK: Ed Kear – creator)
History Bombs (UK: Chris Hobbs – creator)
Nikola Tesla and the End of the World (UK: Ian Strang – creator)
Til Death (UK: Hayley Smith, Rob Jones, Glen Kirby – creators)
Turn Me Online (UK: Hannah Megan Lane, Suzie Preece – creators)

Best International Series
The Banks (Canada: Adam Kosh – creator)
The Impossibilities (USA: Anna Kerrigan, Kati Rediger, Ash Springer – creators)
The Katering Show (Australia: Kate McLennan, Kate McCartney – creators)
Life’s Work (Canada: Ben Proudfoot, Andrea Batista – producers)
Phoenix Run (USA: TJ Walker, creator)
Wildcats (USA: Rachel Puchkoff, creator)

Best Writing
Amy Hartman & Melissa Martin for Dog Bytes (USA)
Roseanne Liang & Simon Ward for Flat3 (New Zealand)
M. Elizabeth Eller for Manic Pixie Dream Wife (USA)
John Luc for mychonny moves in (Australia)
Ric Forster & Louna Maroun for Neighbours vs Zombies (Australia)
Daniel Quirke for Quirkology (UK)

Best Directing
Jay Ferguson for Guidestones; Sunflower Noir (Canada)
Ben Proudfoot for Life’s Work (Canada)
Eron Carruth for Stricken (Canada)
Eric Piccoli for Project-M (Canada)
Kieron J. Walsh for Rapt (Ireland)
Rachel Puchkoff for Wildcats (USA)

Best Lead Actor
Aljin Abella for Hunter n Hornet (Australia)
Mickey Blaine for I’m Harry Clark (USA)
Kati Rediger for The Impossibilities (USA)
Cody Smith for Manic Pixie Dream Wife (USA)
Suzie Preece for Turn Me Online (UK)
Linnea Sage for Wildcats (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast
The Banks (Canada)
Dog Bytes (USA)
Dring (France)
The Katering Show (Australia)
Neighbours vs Zombies (Australia)
(R)onanism (Ireland)

Best Achievement In Production
Perfect Girl (Singapore) nominated for editing
History Bombs (UK) nominated for cinematography
Life’s Work (Canada) nominated for music score
Project-M (Canada) nominated for cinematography
The First Musketeer (UK) nominated for production and costume design
Wildcats (USA) nominated for sound design

Raindance Discovery
John Michael Howard – writer/producer, 8 Acre (UK)
Adam Kosh & Ariane Bessette – writers, The Banks (Canada)
Harriet Sams – director, The First Musketeer (UK)
Julianne Donelle – writer/director No Pillowfights (USA)
Elisabeth Ness – writer, Redheads Anonymous (USA)
Rachel Puchkoff – writer/director, Wildcats (USA)

The festival will also present a Critics Choice and Special Festival Awards.

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