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Four to Skip Ahead

Four new web series will be created from NZ On Air and Google’s Skip Ahead fund, two from teams well-known for web series, two well-known as YouTubers.

The initiative is part of NZ On Air’s commitment to helping online content creators get original narrative content in front of large audiences by leveraging existing YouTube followings.

When the fund was announced, one online commenter remarked that they’d created a fund for the Candle Wasters, and indeed the Candle Wasters (as the Good Times Company) is one of the four teams announced. Musical web series Happy Playland will follow the just-concluded Bright Summer Night (pictured, top), which was supported by NZ On Air in last year’s web series funding round. The Candle Wasters last week released a pilot for another project they’re planning, Tragicomic.

Hweiling Ow, AFK

Hweiling Ow, AFK

Also well experienced in narrative content for online, the team behind early NZ web series JF2: Primal Fury, AFK, and many fine 48Hours titles, Peter Haynes and Hweiling Ow, will create a not-for-kids horror take on New Zealand icons in Ao-terror-oa.

Despite how to videos being specifically excluded from types of project eligible for Skip Ahead would support, Jordan Watson is supported for How To Dad, which is not a how to show anyone’s likely to take to heart. Hopefully.

Like AFK, Viva La Dirt League’s underdog tale Rekt is also game-theme, Viva’s Alan Morrison, Adam King and Rowan Bettjeman recently released s2 of NPC Man.

Viva La Dirt League

Viva La Dirt League

The funding is an 50:50 partnership between Google and NZ On Air, with Google also kicking in support via the YouTube Pop Up Space in Sydney.

“These are great new ideas from creative minds that have already proven they can engage an audience. We look forward to seeing their growth as they make and promote their web series, and hope NZ audiences, and the world, will be entertained,” said NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson.

“YouTube is the platform for New Zealand’s next generation of storytellers, and we’re thrilled to support Kiwi artists hone their craft, learn new skills and network with other successful YouTube creators overseas,” said Google New Zealand’s Ross Young.

Funding details
Ao-terror-oa, by H2Ow Ltd, $80,040
Happy Playland, by Good Times Company, $85,000
How To Dad, by How To Dad, $84,903
Rekt by Viva La Dirt League Productions, $80,000

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