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FUJINON launches UA24×7.8BERD portable zoom lens at IBC 2017

IBC AMSTERDAM, 6 September 2017: FUJIFILM has announced the release of the new “FUJINON UA24x7.8BERD,” (“UA24x7.8”) achieving the world’s smallest (total length approx. 220.5mm) and lightest (approx. 1.98kg)*1 broadcast lens supporting 4K. The lens is scheduled for release in January 2018.  Despite having a compact body, the “UA24x7.8” features a 24x high magnification zoom, covering a focal length from the wide angle of 7.8mm to 187mm. This portable zoom lens exhibits both high mobility as well as operability. This lens allows you to shoot high-definition, realistic videos for situations such as live sport broadcasting and press coverage.

The addition of this product expands Fujifilm’s 4K broadcast lens lineup to 8 models in total, catering to the various needs for 4K video production. Also, the “UA24x7.8” will be on exhibit at “IBC2017,” the International Broadcasting Convention to be held in Amsterdam in September.

4K video is spreading rapidly in countries such as Japan, Europe, and North America, for situations such as live sport broadcasting, press coverage, and studio shooting. In addition, with the rapid expansion of OTT*2, 4K video can now be enjoyed even on PCs and tablet devices, increasing opportunities for filming 4K video in a wide range of scenes. In recent years, with the introduction of the compact and lightweight “4K camcorder” camera, the need for compact and lightweight lenses continues to increase more and more while productions utilising the high mobility of such equipment spread.

Looking at the popularisation of 4K video, Fujifilm became a pioneer in the global industry with the release of a 4K compatible broadcasting lens in 2015. Furthermore, Fujifilm also began the sales of two compact and lightweight portable zoom lenses for broadcasting in June of this year. Fujifilm continues to contribute to the market expansion of 4K broadcasting by expanding their lens lineup.

The new “UA24x7.8” is a 4K body at the same time. This lens is capable of shooting realistic videos with a focus on the subject, for live sport broadcasting or press coverage productions which require high mobility.

In addition, by thoroughly reducing chromatic aberrations, which are a common occurrence in telephoto zooms, it is also possible to shoot utilising “HDR (High Dynamic Range).” It is possible to reproduce rich tones even when shooting scenes with intense contrast, such as stadiums at dusk.

FUJINON lenses by Fujifilm are known for high quality eloquent images, and have been used in various production sites including movies, TV commercials, and live sports broadcasts around the world. Fujifilm will continue to tap into its optical, high precision forming and assembling technologies that have been nurtured over many years in the field of video expression, to further expand and enhance its 4K lens lineup, thereby addressing the diversifying needs of production sites.

*1 For lenses compatible with 4K cameras for broadcast use with a 2/3-inch sensor. According to Fujifilm research. Based on public information as of September 6, 2017.
*2 Abbreviation for Over the Top. Refers to businesses or services that distribute content such as dramas or movies over the Internet, outside of traditional communications carriers.
Product features

(1) The world’s smallest and lightest 4K-compatible lens for broadcasting, demonstrating high mobility

  • Utilises Fujifilm’s unique optical, high precision forming and assembling technologies to optimise lens configuration, achieving the world’s smallest and lightest lens in its class with a total length of approx. 220.5mm and total weight of approx. 1.98kg.
  • Reduces the burden of the “shoulder carrying style” used when filming with a camera on one’s shoulder, this lens shows its power when combined with a “4K camcorder.” The lens allows for comfortable shooting during live sport broadcasting or on-location with various productions.

(2) Featuring a 24x high magnification zoom, achieving high operability

  • Despite having a compact and lightweight body, the lens features a 24x high magnification zoom, covering a focal length from the wide angle of 7.8mm to 187mm. This allows the lens to capture a wide variety of different scenes, exhibiting high operability. Thanks to its achievement of high magnification zoom and a compact body at the same time, the lens is capable of shooting realistic videos with a focus on the subject, for live sport broadcasting or press coverage which requires high mobility.

(3) Advanced optical performance with 4K compatibility across the zoom range

  • Fujifilm’s proprietary “HT-EBC (High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating)” multi-layer coating is applied for a high level of transmittance and colour reproducibility. Also, the latest optical design technology has been used to prevent resolution degradation around the edges and control all types of aberrations. By using this lens, it is possible to shoot utilising “HDR (High Dynamic Range),” reproducing rich tones even when shooting scenes with intense contrast, such as stadiums at dusk.

(4) Achieving natural bokeh with the adoption of nine aperture blades

  • An aperture shape close to that of a circle is achieved by adopting nine aperture blades, allowing for footage expressions making use of a more natural bokeh.

(5) Equipped with 16-bit encoder*3

  • The lens comes with the 16-bit encoder, capable of making a high-resolution output of lens data including zoom and focal position information. It can be linked with various other systems such as a virtual studio system for combining CG images with live action footage.

*3  The sensor for converting position information into digital signals; Zoom and focus position data is divided in 16-bit resolution and output as electric signals.

FUJIFILM Australia Pty Ltd is one of 282 worldwide subsidiaries (as of 31 March 2013) owned by FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation which is the world’s largest photographic and imaging company, and one of the best-known and most instantly recognisable global brands. In the Oceania region, Fuji Xerox and FUJIFILM NZ also form part of the corporate family owned by ultimate parent company, FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation.

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