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Gibson appointed to EDA board

WREDA, Wellington, 11 December 2015: Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA) has announced the appointment of Dave Gibson to the Board of Directors.

Dave is founder and former CEO of the Gibson Group production company, and current CEO of the New Zealand Film Commission.

WREDA Board Chair Peter Biggs welcomed Dave to the organisation.

“Dave Gibson has an unparalleled understanding of New Zealand’s film and television sector, both from the perspective of a business owner, and as an industry leader. Screen is a vital strand in the economic growth plan for the Wellington region, and the wealth of knowledge Dave brings to the board table is a huge asset to WREDA.”

Mr Gibson has produced feature films and television programmes that have sold in over eighty countries worldwide. He has co-produced major television drama series and feature films with partners based in Canada, Britain, Australia, Germany and Sweden.

Mr Gibson says he is delighted to be appointed to the WREDA Board of Directors.

“I’ve lived in Wellington since I attended University here , and built my business here over four decades. In that time, the growth of Wellington’s film and television sector as an economic and cultural contributor has been remarkable. I look forward to being part of an organisation dedicated to fostering further success in the Wellington region.”

WREDA Chief Executive Chris Whelan highlights the diversification programme Mr Gibson brought to his former company as aligning particularly well with the goals and philosophy of WREDA.

“Dave expanded Gibson Group’s operations from a screen production focus into the international museum and visitor attraction business. Understanding how transferable talent and expertise can unlock cross-sector potential is fundamental, both to the forming principle of WREDA, and to Wellington’s economic future. The team and I are extremely happy to have Dave with us on this journey.”

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