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Gibson Group cooks with video and a rubber chicken

Mash Pit Comedy scored $339,595 from NZ On Air’s digital content partnership fund in April last year, and the website is now up and running after extensive testing.

Bevin Linkhorn, Gibson Group’s producer for the project, said, “Mash Pit Comedy will be New Zealand comedy at its most raw and that’s where the laughs are. It’s a good opportunity for any kiwi, and grassroots comedians and actors in particular, to show us their stuff and mash up the work of others too.”

In 2007 he created and was a producer on the groundbreaking 40 x 2-minute made-for-mobile drama series My Story.

Mash Pit Comedy is a video-sharing site where users can upload original comedy. They can also download any video on the site and mash it up with their own footage on their computer’s editing software and re-upload that new video. Guidance and tutorials are available on the website.

The best and most popular comedy clips on the Mash Pit Comedy website will be selected to appear on the Mash Pit Comedy TV show on Prime. There will be 4 half-hour episodes in the first series.

The best clips on the TV show will be in the running for “Best Of” prizes but of course it isn’t about the prizes: it’s about the fame, glory and adulation the mashers will get when their fantastic comedic creations are broadcast to a national audience.

If you’re tempted to see if you’ve got what it takes to make New Zealand laugh, check it out on MashpitComedy

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