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Where did it go?

The year’s half-done (already!) which means it’s time to take a look at how the 2014 NZ box office is tracking so far.

The headline number is $86,180,888 – the take at the end of the 26th week – which is modest but welcome 2.6% ahead of 2013’s $84,005,866. The Q2 total is also over $5 million better than the Q1 total.

The increase on 2013 earnings is especially welcome since, at the end of Q1, 2014’s $40,830,573 sat 3.4% behind the 2013 earnings. A week later, shortly before the Easter weekend, 2014 earnings hit the low point for Q2, sitting 4.26% behind 2013.

At the halfway mark, the picture is a positive one. The year’s biggest contributors so far include The Hobbit 2, which earned just under half its $9.4 million total after Christmas last year, The Lego Movie, Philomena and Captain America: the Winter Soldier.

Frozen: waiting for another title to take it on at the box office

Frozen: waiting for another title to take it on at the box office

The year’s highest-grossing release to date has been Frozen with a little over $4.85 million. It’s a strong performance for a kids’ title, although nothing like as strong as it’s been in Japan. There (as Ana and the Snow Queen) it’s been #1 for 15 weeks since its March release and has taken US$$231.8 – three times the entire NZ box office so far this year.

Of the local fare there’s been little in Q2. Q1 saw off the 2013 lurkers (Beyond the Edge, Gardening with Soul, The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug) as well as a couple of short-lived new releases, 3 Mile Limit and The Pa Boys.

In Q2 the only local titles seeing releases were Fantail and What We Do in the Shadows, both of which released late in the quarter and are still screening.

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