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Golden Horse names nominees

Asia’s most prestigious festival awards event, Taiwan’s Golden Horse, has trotted out its list of nominees for 2017.

The non-juried awards will go to Hsu Feng and Hu Ding-Yi. Actress and producer Hsu Feng is twice a Golden Horse Best Actress winner and once a Best Film winner (for Red Dust). She also has a Palme d’Or as producer of Chen Kaige’s Farewell, My Concubine, and will take the Golden Horse’s Lifetime Achievement award.

Three-time Golden Horse nominee, sound recordist and foley artist Hu Ding-Yi, takes the Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year gong. His most recent title, Who Killed Cock Robin?, has five nominations at the awards.

Huang Hsin-Yao’s The Great Buddha + leads the pack with 10 nods,

In what hasn’t been an especially strong year for Asian titles, with few achieving much crossover into other markets save for occasional festival success, the bulk of the titles nominated are Taiwanese, which is rarely a good sign – at least for international observers.

Shu Qi, nominated for The Village Of No Return, is probably the acting nominee best-known internationally (for Transporter and, more recently, The Assassin). Veteran Sylvia Chang (Eat Drink Man Woman), is nominated for Love Education (pictured, top), for which she also has Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Film nominations.



The 54th Golden Horse Awards will be presented 25 November in Taipei. The nominees are:

Best Feature Film
Free And Easy
The Great Buddha +
Love Education
Angels Wear White
The Bold, The Corrupt, And The Beautiful

Best Documentary
Plastic China
Condemned Practice Mode
Looking For?

Best Animation Feature
The Guardian
Have A Nice Day

Best Live Action Short Film
The Night Of Arzu
Blind Mouth
Love After Time
Babes’ Not Alone
The Dress On Her

Best Animated Short Film
Revelation-The City Of Haze
Stories About Him
Losing Sight Of A Longed Place

Best Director
Geng Jun, Free And Easy
Sylvia Chang, Love Education
Vivian Qu, Angels Wear White
Ann Hui, Our Time Will Come
Yang Ya-Che, The Bold, The Corrupt, And The Beautiful

Best Leading Actor
Chuang Kai-Hsun, Who Killed Cock Robin
Huang Bo, The Conformist
Tu Men, Old Beast
Kaneshiro Takeshi, See You Tomorrow
Tian Zhuang-Zhuang, Love Education

Best Leading Actress
Shu Qi, The Village Of No Return
Sylvia Chang, Love Education
Vicky Chen, Angels Wear White
Kara Wai, The Bold, The Courrpt, And The Beautiful
Yin Shin, The Island That All Flow By

Best Supporting Actor
Mason Lee, Who Killed Cock Robin
Lei Jiayin, Brotherhood Of The Blades I: The Infernal Battlefield
Leon Dai, The Great Buddha +
Bamboo Chen, Alifu, The Prince/Ss
Tony Leung Ka Fai, Our Time Will Come

Best Supporting Actress
Wu Yanshu, Love Education
Chen Shiang Chyi, The Receptionist
Deanie Ip, Our Time Will Come
Vicky Chen, The Bold, The Corrupt, And The Beautiful
Hsu Wei-Ning, The Tag-Along 2

Best New Director
Huang Xi, Missing Johnny
Tan Seng-Kiat, Shuttle Life
Huang Hsin-Yao, The Great Buddha +
Zhou Ziyang, Old Beast
Chan Ching-Lin, The Island That All Flow By

Best New Performer
Rima Zeidan, Missing Johnny
Kent Tsai, All Because Of Love
Zhong Chuxi, Youth
Zhang Aoyue, The Hidden Sword
Wu Nien Hsuan, The Tag-Along 2

Best Original Screenplay
Liu Jian, Have A Nice Day
Zhou Ziyang, Old Beast
Sylvia Chang, You Xiao Ying, Love Education
Wang Yu-Lin, Hsu Hua-Chien, Hua Bai Rong, Juliana Hsu, Chen Hui Ling, ALIFU, The Prince/Ss
Yang Ya-Che, The Bold, The Corrupt, And The Beautiful

Best Adapted Screenplay
Li Baoluo, Bangzi Melody
Huang Hsin-Yao, The Great Buddha +
Wong Kar Wai, Zhang Jiajia, See You Tomorrow
Yan Geling, Youth
Xu Haofeng, The Hidden Sword

Best Cinematography
Wang Weihua, Free And Easy
Chen Ko Chin, Shuttle Life
Nakashima Nagao, The Great Buddha +
Matthias Delvaux, Old Beast
Peter Pau, Cao Yu, See You Tomorrow

Best Visual Effects
Yeh Jen Hao, Liu Wei Yi, Who Killed Cock Robin
Quan Hongkun, Yung Kwok Yin, Chan Tik Hoi, THIS Is Not What I Expected!
Johnny Lin, Perry Kain, Thomas Reppen, See You Tomorrow
Pao Cheng Hsun, Huang Mei Cing, Mon Mon Mon Monsters!
Henri Wong, Eric Xu, Wukong

Best Art Direction
Huang Mei Ching, The Village Of No Return
Chao Shih Hao, The Great Buddha +
Alfred Yau, See You Tomorrow
Shi Hai Ying, Youth
Penny Tsai Pei-Ling, The Bold, The Corrupt, And The Beautiful

Best Makeup & Costume Design
Liang Tingting, Brotherhood Of Blades Ii: The Inferal Battlefield
Dora Ng, The Village Of No Return
William Chang, Cheung Siu Hong, See You Tomorrow
Liu Xiaoli, Youth
Wang Chia Hui, The Bold, The Corrupt, And The Beautiful

Best Action Choreography
Sang Lin, Brotherhood Of Blades Ii: The Infernal Battlefield
Ku Huen-Chiu, Wukong
An Wande, Explosion
Xu Haofeng, The Hidden Sword
Sammo Hung, Paradox

Best Original Film Score
Lim Giong, Point Hsu, Missing Johnny
Kawai Kenji, Brotherhood Of Blades Ii: The Infernal Battlefield
Lin Sheng-Xiang, The Great Buddha +
Joe Hisaishi, Our Time Will Come
An Wei, The Hidden Sword

Best Original Film Song
I Love Shangri-La, From Have A Nice Day
Lullaby, From Free And Easy
To Have, Or Not To Have, From The Great Buddha +
Keep Me By Your Side, From See You Tomorrow
Flowers In Bloom, From Love Education

Best Film Editing
Jean Tsien, Bob Lee, Plastic China
Kipo Lin, Who Killed Cock Robin
Lai Hsiu-Hsiung, The Great Buddha +
Liao Ching-Song, The Foolish Bird
Mary Stephen, Kong Chi Leung, Our Time Will Come

Best Sound Effects
R.T Kao, Chen Wei Liang, Forgood Sound, Who Killed Cock Robin
Wen Bo, The Conformist
Tu Duu-Chih, Wu Shu-Yao, The Great Buddha +
Tu Duu-Chih, Wu Shu-Yao, Mon Mon Mon Monsters!
Rockid Lee, Yang Che Chin, Warren Santiago, Richard Hocks, The Tag-Along 2

Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker Of The Year
Hu Ding-Yi

Lifetime Achievement Award
Hsu Feng