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Grimm picks Kiwis

PUB_DxMUK genre festival Grimmfest, aka Grimm Up North, will close its 2015 edition with the world premiere of Andrew Goth’s DxM, described as a “visually stunning conceptually-challenging tale of a sub-atomic struggle for the subconscious … explosive, headspinning fusion of theology, quantum physics, psychedelia, and martial arts action”.

The film stars Sam Neill and had a market screening at Cannes in May. Perhaps by the time Grimmfest opens they’ll spell Neill’s name correctly on the poster.

Also on the menu for Manchester are Deathgasm and Turbo Kid, both continuing successful festival runs.

Grimmfest has been a popular UK festival stop for Kiwi fare in recent years. Running shortly after London’s Frightfest, the festival picks up few premieres from non-UK titles, but benefits from the buzz films have already built.

Housebound and What We Do in the Shadows both played the festival last year, with ABCs of Death having visited previously.

Grimmfest runs 1 – 4 October in Manchester, England.

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