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Ground We Won for Locarno

Chris Pryor’s The Ground We Won is named one of seven titles in the festival’s competitive documentary programme, Semaine de la Critique. The Ground We Won is the only non-European selection.

The Ground We Won

The Ground We Won

Locarno’s Semaine de la Critique is programmed by the Swiss Association of Film Journalists, in cooperation with the director and organisers of the Locarno International Film Festival. Since the inaugural 1990 edition almost 150 films have played the programme, including Annie Goldson’s Punitive Damage and Le Pays des Sourds (The Land of the Deaf) by one of Pryor and producer Miriam Smith’s heroes, Nicholas Philibert.

Semaine de la Critique runs 7 – 14 August as part of the Locarno Film Festival, 5 – 15 August.