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GZDoc to host NZ day

The 2009 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival (GZDOC) will run from Nov. 29 to Dec. 13. The festival’s industry events, including pitch and competition events and a New Zealand Day, will take place between Dec. 7 and 11.

A NZ delegation will travel to the festival, taking part in New Zealand Day, Producer Day and the festival’s marketplace and seminars.

Alex Lee, co-chair of the New Zealand Documentary Trust (DOCNZ), will programme the New Zealand films to screen at the festival. Alex will welcome submissions until the 5th September and hopes to complete the selection process by early October.

Guangzhou has been a sister city of Auckland since an agreement in 1989, in response to a strong desire by the large population of local Chinese residents from Guangdong Province to link Guangzhou (capital of Guangdong) with Auckland.

The current focus of the two cities is on increasing mutually beneficial economic outcomes between the two cities in areas such as the creative sector and education, which add over $50 million to Auckland’s economy each year.

Film Auckland’s Michael Brook will attend the festival and also follow up on meetings held earlier this year with local film-makers and production companies which explored opportunities to develop new business.

At New Zealand Day at GZDOC, a memorandum of understanding will be signed between DocNZ and GZDOC to collaborate further and promote New Zealand and Chinese documentary film-makers.

The focus on New Zealand at GZDOC will be reciprocated next year at DOCNZ ’10, with GZDOC Festival Director He Shao Guang and programmer Simon Ho planning to attend the DocNZ Summit,

GZDOC will offer some assistance for international producers wishing to visit the festical in Guangzhou. Those wishing to attend Producer Day may register their interest here.