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HAF wraps with awards

The 15th edition of the Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) closed Wednesday with the presentation of awards. The comabined value of the awards was HK$1.5 million (approx. NZ$300,000) in cash and services.

The 2017 projects were selected from over 350 submissions. HAF also introduced a WIP Lab this year, which took eight projects already in production. In keeping with a push at several major events internationally to improve the numbers of women in key creative roles, almost half of the HAF selections this year had female directors and/or producers, and they took a similar share of the gongs on offer. 

HAF regular Naomi Kawase (Cannes-premiered An and Still the Water) has a producer credit on Ida PANAHANDEH’s working titled NARAtive Film 2017-2018, which took the headline HAF Award.

Hongkonger Adam Wong, selected for HAF 2016 as director of Trains in the Night, returned as producer of TOM Chung-sing’s Impossible Split, which took the HAF Award for a Hong Kong project.

Also returning to HAF was Chinese director Degena Yun. Yun’s first feature, A Simple Goodbye, was at HAF, Once completed, it won the the Spirit of Asia Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival. She returned this year with drama Rainbow Mountain, which took out an in-kind award for post-production services.  

The only HAF project to take more than one award was M. Raihan HALIM’s Singaporean comedy La Luna (pictured, top), which collected the White Light Post-Production Award and the Wouter Barendrecht Award.

As well as vying for some of the awards on offer, four of the WIP Lab projects were selected for Hong Kong goes to Cannes, which is pretty much what it says on the box. The projects off to France in May will be:

  • Echoes, (Israel), dir. Amikam KOVNER, Assaf SNIR, prod. Yoni PARAN, Keren MICHAEL 
  • Omotenashi (Taiwan, Japan), dir. Jay Chern, prod., Jay Chern, Kitagawa Junuchi
  • The Third Wife, (Vietnam), dir. NGUYEN Phuong Anh, prod. TRAN Ngoc
  • Village Rock Stars, (India) dir/prod. Rima Das

Among the other projects in the WIP Lab was The White Girl from Jenny SUEN and 2016 Big Screen Symposium presenter Christopher Doyle.

The Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum HAF ran 13 – 15 March, alongside Filmart (13 – 16 March).

The HAF 2017 award winners were:

HAF Award (HK project)
Impossible Split, dir. TOM Chung-sing, prod. Adam WONG  

HAF Award (non-HK project)
NARAtive Film 2017-2018, (Japan), dir. Ida PANAHANDEH, prod. KAWASE Naomi

iQIYI Award
The Patient, (China), dir. YANG Long, prod. ZHOU Jia

mm2 Award
Forget You, Still Love You?, (Hong Kong), dir. Paul SZE Pak-lam, prod. Kenneth LAI Siu-kwan, TIN Kai-man, LAU Wing-tai  

HAF/FOX Project Award
Drifting Lives, (China), dir. Danlly L, prod. Ray CHAN

the Wouter Barendrecht Award
La Luna, (Singapore), dir. M. Raihan HALIM, prod. Asra AMAN

Paris Co-production Village Award
The Asadas, (Japan), dir. NAKANO Ryota, prod. OGAWA Shinji  

Network of Asian Fantastic Film (NAFF) Award
Femme Fatale, (Japan), dir. MIYAKE Kyoko, prod. Guillaume DE SEILLE

Wutianming Post-Production Award
Rainbow Mountain, (China), dir. Degena Yun, prod. ZHANG Yang

White Light Post-Production Award (HAF Project)
La Luna, (Singapore), dir. M. Raihan HALIM, prod. Asra AMAN

White Light Post-Production Award (WIP Project)
Village Rock Stars, (India) dir/prod. Rima Das

G2D Post-Production Award (HAF Project)
I AM A BANANA!, (Singapore, Canada), dir. Honey B SINGH, prod. Honey B SINGH, Mona SINGH

G2D Post-Production Award (WIP Project)
The Third Wife, (Vietnam), dir. Nguyen  

Wanda WIP Lab Award
Omotenashi (Taiwan, Japan), dir. Jay Chern, prod., Jay Chern, Kitagawa Junuchi

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