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HanWay takes NZFC titles – updated

UK-based HanWay Film’s HanWay Select has been appointed to sell a collection of over 50 films that have been until now part of the NZ Film catalogue.

At present, 40 titles are locked with a number of others for which the paperwork is close to completion. The titles are all features, almost all narrative with just a couple of documentaries confirmed at this time (Vincent Ward’s Rain of the Children and Florian Habicht’s Rubbings from a Live Man). The list of confirmed titles is below.

Titles include Jane Campion’s An Angel At My Table; Roger Donaldson’s The World’s Fastest Indian; Jonathan King’s Black Sheep; Lee Tamahori’s Once Were Warriors; Taika Waititi’s Boy and Eagle vs Shark; and Vincent Ward’s The Navigator and Vigil.

The deal covers territories previously repped by NZ Film (on a per title basis), and covers rights for Ancillary, Closed Net, Covermount, Internet, Kiosk, Pack Sales, Partwork, TV (catchup, free-to-air, IPTV, pay TV, pay-per-view) and Video.
The deal was negotiated by Mark Gooder and NZFC Marketing Manager, Jasmin McSweeney; Mark Lane, director of sales and distribution at HanWay Select; and Thorsten Schumacher, Managing Director HanWay Films.

Previously, HanWay has handled NZ titles including Sione’s Wedding (as Samoan Wedding for international sales) and currently handles international sales (ex-UK) for John Maclean’s South Island-shot co-production Slow West, on which Rachel Gardner was a producer and which the NZFC supported.

HanWay Select’s slate offers 500+ titles including some collections. The NZFC deal marks the first national collection (outside a UK BFI collection) in the HanWay Select catalogue.

The titles confirmed at time of writing are (in alphabetical order, by director):
Shopping, 2013, Mark Albiston & Louis Sutherland
The Strength of Water, 2009, Armagan Ballantyne
Matariki, 2010, Michael Bennett
The Tattooist, 2007, Peter Burger
An Angel at My Table, 1990, Jane Campion
Sleeping Dogs, 1977; Smash Palace, 1982; The World’s Fastest Indian, 2005, Roger Donaldson
The Hopes and Dreams of Gazza Snell, 2010, Brendsan Donovan
No. 2, 2006, Toa Fraser
The Ferryman, 2007, Chris Graham
Rubbings from a Live Man, 2008, Florian Habicht
After the Waterfall, 2010, Simone Horrocks
Rain, 2001, Christine Jeffs
Mt Zion, 2013, Tearapa Kahi
A Song of Good, 2008, Gregory King
Black Sheep, 2006, Jonathan King
Kombi Nation, 2003, Grant Lahood
Crush, 1992, Alison Maclean
50 Ways of Saying Fabulous, 2005, Stewart Main
The Most Fun You Can Have Dying, 2012, Kirstin Marcon
In My Father’s Den, 2004, Brad McGann
For Good, 2003, Stuart McKenzie
Goodbye Pork Pie, 1981; The Quiet Earth, 1985; Spooked, 2004, Geoff Murphy
Second Hand Wedding, 2008, Paul Murphy
The Locals, 2003, Greg Page
Fracture, 2004, Larry Parr
Home by Christmas, 2010; Perfect Strangers, 2003, Gaylene Preston
Out of the Blue, 2006, Robert Sarkies
The Price of Milk, 2000, Harry Sinclair
Perfect Creature, 2006, Glenn Standring
Once Were Warriors, 1994, Lee Tamahori
Boy, 2010; Eagle vs Shark, 2007, Taika Waititi
The Navigator, 1988; Rain of the Children, 2008; Vigil, 1984, Vincent Ward

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