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Happy Playland out now

The Candle Wasters Happy Playland is now launched, the second of the inaugural group of four Skip Ahead projects to release. Skip Ahead is a NZ On Air/Google-YouTube initiative intended to create opportunities for and develop YouTube creators.

The Candle Wasters’ first two series (Nothing Much To Do and Lovely Little Losers), both made in a vlog style and observing vlogging rather than narrative storytelling conventions, racked up millions of views on YouTube, pretty much making them a shoo-in for the Skip Ahead scheme when it was announced last year.

The team premiered Bright Summer Night, a third Shakespeare-inspired series, last year. Happy Playland is their first original series to release.

‘Digital generation’ is a perfect descriptor for the team, as every single one of the creators (Minnie Grace, Claris Jacobs, Elsie Bollinger, Sally Bollinger and Robbie Nicol), the cast (Dani Yourukova, Jen Smith and Neenah Dekkers-Reihana), the songwriters (Maxwell Apse, Dylan Kelly and Jen Smith) and producer (Thomas Coppell) are 25 and under.



Supported by some industry veterans, and talented collaborators, the team have delivered a top quality production. The show was shot over two weeks in Wellington in May and June.

The full series of Happy Playland is ready to watch here.