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Hard to say goodbye

Although this year’s NZIFF officially departs Auckland after Australian Neil Armfield’s closing title Holding the Man on Sunday, organisers have been busy adding a bunch of additional screenings for the most popular titles.

Turbo Kid: Munro Chambers and Laurence Leboeuf

Turbo Kid: a winner at BiFan and a hit at this year’s NZIFF

Additional screenings from today only (Friday 31 July) are noted here, listed alphabetically by title.

Act of Kindness, Academy, Saturday August 1 @ 8.15 pm
The Assassin, Queen St, Saturday August 1 @ 8.45pm and Sunday August 2 @ 8.30pm
Awake, Academy, Wednesday August 5 @ 11.45am
Banksy, Rialto Newmarket, 31 July @ 6.30pm and Sunday August 2 @ 11am
Clouds of Sils Maria, Academy Wednesday August 5 @ 1.30pm
The Color of Pomegranates, Rialto Newmarket, Sunday August 2 @ 5.45pm
Enchanted Kingdom 3D, Queen St, Saturday August 1 @ 1.00 pm and Sunday August 2 @ 1pm
Ex Machina, Academy, Sunday August 2 @ 8pm, Monday August 3 @ 8pm and Wednesday August 5 @ 4pm
Far From Men, Academy, Tuesday August 4 @ 4pm and Wednesday August 5 @ 7.45pm
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, Queen St, Sunday 2 August @ 6.30pm
Going Clear, Academy, Monday 3 August @ 3pm
Inherent Vice, Academy, Tuesday August 4 @ 8pm
Iris, Academy, Monday August 3 @ 1pm and Academy Wednesday August 5 @ 6pm
The Lobster, Rialto Newmarket, Saturday August 1 @ 8.30pm and Sunday August 2 @ 7.30pm
Marie’s Story, Academy, Tuesday August 4 @ 1pm
Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict, Academy, Monday 3 August 11am and 6.15pm, Tuesday August 4 @ 11am and 6.15pm
Turbo Kid, Queen St, Friday 31 July @ 9pm
The Wolfpack, Skycity, Sunday August 2 @ 8.30pm

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