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Help Georgina Beyer

After the special fundraising screening in Wellington with Documentary Edge, Occasional Productions is now streaming Annie Goldson’s critically acclaimed film Georgie Girl (2002) in exchange for a donation.

All money raised will be donated to Georgina Beyer, the film’s charismatic star, to assist with her medical and living expenses while she awaits a kidney donor in New Zealand.

The world’s first ‘out transsexual’ to be elected to public office, Georgina has been an inspiration to many around the world. Right now she requires financial fupport as she suffers from end-stage chronic renal failure.

Georgie Girl screened at 30 international film festivals, winning over 10 awards. The documentary was broadcast on Channel 4 (UK), POV/PBS (US), ABC (Australia), CBC (Canada) and many smaller channels.

Here it screened originally on TV One and was funded by New Zealand on Air and the Sundance Documentary Fund with assistance from the University of Auckland. The stream is accessible through Occasional Productions, which allows viewers to access the film and donate through the site Fundrzr.

Georgina Beyer Image: Getty Images

Georgina Beyer

Image: Getty Images

About Georgina
Georgina Beyer was first elected to public office in New Zealand as a Mayor in 1995, and then as a charismatic Member of Parliament in 1999. Georgie Girl highlights her extraordinary journey of overcoming adversity, marginalisation and discrimination, to become a highly respected and celebrated leader.

Georgina was diagnosed with renal failure in 2013 and is now on a rigorous programme of peritoneal dialysis and associated medications. She is on a long waiting list for a transplant, and due to tiring dialysis four times a day, the most basic day-to-day activities are a huge challenge.

Any support for Georgina during this ordeal will be much appreciated. Her story has inspired millions so if you, or anyone you know, can help Georgina in any way or want more information, please email us.

Annie Goldson is a documentary filmmaker and Professor at the University of Auckland.

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