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Here for a good time, not a long time

James Cunningham’s Poppy led the Show Me Shorts awards field with four nominations. Double nominees were Jackie van Beek’s Just Like the Others, Sima Urale’s Coffee & Allah and Matteo Bruno’s Kill the Alphabet. But who came away covered in glory, and who ended up also-rans?

Poppy was the big winner, going home with 3 wins from its 4 nominations. Kill the Alphabet, Coffee & Allah and Just Like The Others each won one from two.

Here’s the list of winners and almost winners from Show Me Shorts awards night at the Academy in Auckland last night. Winners are marked with an *

The people to blame if you didn’t win or weren’t a finalist, were Barbara Darragh (Wardrobe for Spartacus, Bridge To Terabithia, River Queen, The Frighteners), Pietra Brett-Kelly (director of and double Qantas award winner for The Art Star and the Sudanese Twins) and Athina Tsoulis (writer, producer and director of Jinx Sister). They had the unenviable task of sifting through the entries to select the nominees and winners from the 40 films that make up the programme.

Kodak Best Film
* Jackie van Beek, Just Like the Others
Paul Swadel, Poppy

Best Student Film
* Michael Humphrey, The Big Happiness
Matteo Bruno, Kill the Alphabet

SDGNZ Best Director
* James Cunningham, Poppy
Jackie van Beek, Just Like the Others

NZ Writer’s Guild Best Screen Play
* Waine C. Paris, Kill the Alphabet
Imogen Thomas, Mixed Bag

Panavision Best Cinematographer
* Rewa Harre, Coffee & Allah
Rob Marsh, The Road out of Town

StarNow.com Best Actor
* Arna-Maria Winchester, Mixed Bag
Zahara Abbawaaaji, Coffee & Allah

SDGNZ Best Editor
* Paul Swadel and James Cunnigham, Poppy
Paul Maxwell, Aphrodite’s Farm

Special Jury Prize
* James Cunningham, Stephen Fleet and Sonya Hsu-Ya Chang for animation on Poppy
Rachelle Bakarich, Christmas Lights

Congratulations to all the winners, commiserations to the other finalists.

Screen Hub was proud to be a prize sponsor for the awards alongside the Writers Guild, Screen Directors Guild, StarNow.com, Kodak and Panavision.

Check out the schedule for details of when and the Show Me Shorts festival is screening.

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