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Hollywood Buys Billie Jordan’s Life Rights

Hip Op-eration, Auckland, 2 August 2016: A top Hollywood film production company has acquired the worldwide Life Rights of Billie Jordan, most known for her voluntary work as the founder and manager of the Hip Op-eration Crew; an elderly hip hop dance crew from Waiheke Island.

“I can’t share the identity of the Hollywood production company who have acquired my life story at this point, but I can tell you they are well known globally for their successful blockbuster movies,” says Billie Jordan.

“Right now the film producers are getting everything ready to start the development of the film which may go into production as early as next year. A formal statement about the film will be made in the coming months.

“I get to attend the USA film premiere which will be exciting and I’m sure I’ll be having many surreal ‘pinch me’ moments over the next few years.

“A number of Hollywood film production companies approached me late last year and earlier this year after seeing a Ted Talk I did. They felt I had a life story which could make a great film. The film production company I ended up choosing is one of the top film production companies in the world. The producers have some strong Kiwi connections; so I knew they’d get me and get the essence of what it means to be a New Zealander and how we see the world.

“It’s going to be a strange experience seeing an actor portray me in a film. Very few people get to have that experience so it’s a real privilege – but a bit weird at the same time. I don’t know how much of my life will be covered by the film just yet, and which people in my life, both good and bad, will be included. But I do know there will be an emphasis on my experiences as Founder and Manager of the Hip Op-eration Crew,” says Jordan.

A survivor of childhood abuse and the Christchurch earthquakes, Billie Jordan has experienced a lot in her 46 short years.

“It’s good that most people only know me for my work with the Hip Op-eration Crew, because it means I still have about 80% of my life story left to share. I have been asked to write a book, which I will do at a later point. But right now I am just focused on my dance academy and my speaking engagements,” says Jordan.

It is believed to be the first time a New Zealander, who is still alive, is a central character in a Hollywood produced film.

“It’s going to be fantastic exposure for New Zealand and will really showcase the adventurous and innovative spirit of all New Zealanders to the rest of the world. We may often be the under-dog; but never under-estimate a kiwi,” says Jordan.

“The film will generate a lot of interest around the world from senior citizens wanting to learn hip hop dancing, so I am gearing up for that with the recent global launch of my Hip Op-eration Dance Academy. I am currently training up people through an online course to become paid instructors within the academy,” says Jordan.

Billie Jordan was awarded a NZ Order of Merit for her volunteer work with the elderly in June and is also a professional speaker and aged person’s advocate. For more information about Billie Jordan and the Hip Op-eration Dance Academy visit:http://www.billiejordan.org/

Image: Billie Jordan (left) with members of the Hip Operation

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