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Hong Kong: aims to cross borders

Create Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 28 November 2011: Create Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Film Development Council ( FDC ) will launch a large-scale project, “Hong Kong Film New Action – Film and Multi-media Cross-Platform Collaboration”, to promote collaboration between film and multi-media industries and encourage the film sector to seek diversification beyond conventional film productions. The project will also promote new generation producers to help groom film production talent in Hong Kong.

A delegation formed by Hong Kong new generation producers will leave for Taiwan on November 24 to attend exchange activities including seminars and luncheons, visit new-media organisations and participate in the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival.

“The trip provides an opportunity for producers in Hong Kong and Taiwan to engage in direct exchanges and share the latest market information on film and multi-media industries. We hope the enhanced collaboration will help boost overseas demand for Hong Kong films and entice foreign investment,” the Vice-Chairman of the FDC, Mr Peter Lam, said at a press briefing today ( November 14 ).

Another highlight of the project will be a series of activities to be held concurrently with the Hong Kong International Film and TV Market ( FILMART ) in March next year, including seminars, exchange sessions, workshops and business conferences. These activities will serve as platforms for the new generation producers, film producers from the Mainland and overseas and key players in Internet and new-media sectors to liaise and finalise co-operation plans.

Promotional publications featuring the résumés and work of individual new generation producers will be distributed at these promotional functions to enhance the producers’ reputations. To help the producers better prepare prior to their exchanges with overseas counterparts, the project will arrange two tailor-made workshops on the latest developments of Internet and new-media sectors in different places.

“Through the above functions, we hope to nurture Hong Kong’s filmmakers. With unique international vision, sharp insight on society and experience in the industry, they can play an important role in the 21st century’s digital convergence and help enhance communication between the local film industry and different media in other places, thereby promoting Hong Kong as the centre for film content and film distribution,” Mr Lam said.

The FDC has been organising the “Hong Kong Film New Action” project since 2008. Promotional activities have been held over the past three years on different themes, including revitalising the Southeast Asia market for Hong Kong films, promoting Hong Kong’s 3D film production technology and exploring ancillary revenues for the film industry. The project has also facilitated the development of local new generation directors by establishing platforms for them to interact with filmmakers, investors and distributors from abroad.