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Hong Kong Festival: launches fourth edition

Two days after the NZIFF launch revealed all in Auckland, the HK Festival also showed off its wares for the 2012 edition.

The HK Festival isn’t specifically a film festival, with other events combining to create a programme aimed at fostering links between NZ and HK which is, after all, the raison d’etre of its organiser, the Hong Kong New Zealand Business Association (HKNZBA).

Other events include a concert by the Hong Kong Children’s Symphony Orchestra, the business-focused Career Hong Kong event and Celebrate Hong Kong, this year marking 15 years since Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule.

For the 1997 handover Hong Kong reclaimed a bit of its harbour to build a very nice new venue from which to send the Brits packing, which is now the Convention Centre where Hong Kong’s annual Filmart is hosted. All of the contemporary features screening in this year’s HK Festival were on offer at this year’s Filmart.

The HK Festival’s Cinema Hong Kong programme this year comes with its own dedicated sponsor, HK and NZ-based financial services company Hantec.

The features screening will be cop thriller Danny Pang’s Fairytale Killer, Jessey Tsang’s arthouse Big Blue Lake, Jacky Lee’s music-scene focused Lives in Flames, Herman Yau’s bittersweet romantic drama Love Lifting, Angie Chen’s documentary This Darling Life and a programme of student films from four of HK’s tertiary institutions.

This year’s Shaw Brothers classic is Love in a Fallen City, starring Chow Yun-Fat. It’s directed by Ann Hui, a filmmaker who’s built a multi-award-winning career. in the last 12 months, her A Simple Life has won awards at festivals around Asia and beyond.

Closer to the festival, we will take a look at some of what’s on offer and provide some background and profile on the titles.

The Cinema Hong Kong programme runs at Rialto, Auckland 16 – 22 August, with other festival events running throughout August. In the meantime, lovers of Hong Kong film can whet their appetites with the single HK film screening in the NZIFF, Pang Ho-cheung’s Vulgaria.

More info on the 2012 Hong Kong Festival is available here.

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