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Hong Kong HAF 2013: announces contenders

The Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF), now in its 11th year, has announced the 25 would-be titles who’ll seek awards and other forms of support at March’s project market.

Included in the list are three documentary projects, following HAF widening its criteria beyond fiction last year. There’s also a strong local showing, with 20% of projects selected coming – in whole or part – from Hong Kong.

Three of those five are recent winners of awards in Asia. Philip YUNG won the 2011 HAF (Hong Kong) Award and brings The Ceiling; LAM Suk-ching’s Acid won the Short Film Competition Special Prize at last year’s HKIFF, and brings When I Come to Me; screenwriter Heiward MAK (Love in a Puff) will produce Pseudo-Secular for Rita HUI, who won Best Director at the 2009 Singapore Asian Festival of First Films.

Roughly half the projects selected come from teams with major awards already under their belts, an indication of the event’s status in the region. Former Cannes winners Apichatpong
WEERASETHAKUL and KAWASE Naomi have three projects on the list between them.

The beyond-Asia participants come mostly as co-production partners, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, France, Germany, Kazakhstan and Portugal, while one wholly non-Asian project is selected from the UK.

Multiple BAFTA-winning documentarian Morgan Matthews presents X + Y with the BBC’s David M. Thompson, whose producer credits include Edge of Darkness, Creation, Bright Star and An Education.

A little over 100 projects were submitted for HAF this time around. With 25 selected, those are decent odds. As well as its cash prizes, HAF has a number of relationships with other project markets in Asia and Europe which see its winners receive entry into and assistance to attend those events.

HAF also runs a Chinese language script development award, supported by Fox International.

HAF runs 18 – 20 March in Hong Kong, alongside Filmart and the Hong Kong International Film Festival.

The 2013 HAF Project List
1. 2 Ways (Japan)
Director KAWASE Naomi
Producer OGAWA Shinji

2. 2:30AM (China)
Director PENG Tao
Producers PENG Tao, Lilly AUSTIN

3. Adventure (Kazakhstan/ France)
Director Nariman TUREBAYEV
Producer Guillaume DE SEILLE

4. All About You (Japan)
Director JANG Kunjae
Producer KAWASE Naomi

5. Barberfs Tales (The Philippines)
Director Jun Robles LANA
Producers Ferdinand LAPUZ, Perci INTALAN, Tonee ACEJO

6. Camoes and Dinamene (Sri Lanka / Portugal)
Directors Gabriel ABRANTES, Vimukthi JAYASUNDARA
Producers Gabriel ABRANTES, Vimukthi JAYASUNDARA

7. The Ceiling (Hong Kong)
Director Philip YUNG
Producer CHANG Wen

8. Cemetery of Kings (Thailand / UK / Germany / France)
Director Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL
Producers Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL, Simon FIELD, Keith GRIFFITHS

9. Departure (China)
Director ZHOU Hongbo
Producer LI Yuan

10. Doomsday Party (Hong Kong)
Director HO Hong
Producers Teddy Robin KWAN, Roddy WONG

11. ForeverAwhile (working title) (Thailand / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Denmark)

12. The Golden Cane Warrior (Indonesia)
Director Ifa ISFANSYAH
Producer Mira LESMANA

13. Heart: The Cleaning Company (Taiwan)
Director HUANG Chao-Liang
Producer Wolf CHEN

14. King of Shrimp Roe Noodle (Hong Kong)
Director LAM Tze-chung
Producers Michael TUNG / CHAN Ho-man / LAM Tze-chung

15. Kundo: Age of the Rampant (South Korea)
Director YOON Jong-bin
Producer HAN Jae-deok

16. The Last Wedding on Earth (Indonesia)
Director Joko ANWAR
Producers Tia HASIBUAN, Uwie BALFAS

17. Love and Hate (Hong Kong / China)
Director WANG Bing
Producer Isabelle GLACHANT

18. Nude Project (Thailand)
Directors Sivaroj KONGSAKUL, Aditya ASSARAT, Pramote SANGSORN
Producers Maenum CHAGASIK, Machima UNGSRIWONG

19. Of a Promise Kept (working title) (Japan / China)
Director YUKISADA Isao
Producers KATAHARA Tomoko, TAKIDA Kazuto

20. One Thousand (The Philippines)
Director Lawrence FAJARDO
Producer Krisma FAJARDO

21. Please Remember Me (China)
Director ZHAO Qing
Producers Violet FENG Du, Ruby YANG

22. Pseudo-Secular (Hong Kong)
Director Rita HUI
Producer Heiward MAK Hei-yan

23. Running in the City (China)
Director FAN Jian
Producers HUANG Yinghao, Isabella ZANG

24. When I Come to Me (Hong Kong)
Director LAM Suk-ching
Producer Lawrence LAU

25. X+Y (UK)
Director Morgan MATTHEWS
Producer David M. THOMPSON

2013 HAF/Fox Chinese Film Development Award Finalists
1. League of HK Movie Heroes (Hong Kong)
Director Sobel CHAN Ka-lok
Producer Sobel CHAN Ka-lok

2. Male Joy / Female Love (China / Canada)
Director HUANG Yao (HUANG Yunji)
Producer Stanley KWAN

3. Qing Gong (Singapore / Hong Kong / China)
Director HAN Yew Kwang
Producer LAU Chee Nien

4. Underground River (China)
Director GONG Zhaohui
Producer YUAN Mei

5. Ten Brothers (Taiwan)
Director HUA Wenqing
Producer Jimmy YANG

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