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Hong Kong HAF 2013: Filipinos continue to party in Hong Kong – amended

The Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF), now in its 11th edition, announced the winners among the 25 projects and five Chinese-language HAF-FOX Asia development award contenders.

Such was the level of interest in projects this year, the ceremony was preceded by prising project teams and potential backers away from the convention hall and on to the shuttle bus to the awards venue, where the meetings were still continuing even as the ceremony began.

The opening addresses reminded of HAF’s track record, including 13 in recent years that have gone on to completion and in-competition appearances at major international festivals, and collected various awards including Brillante Mendoza’s Best Director gong at Cannes in 2009 for Kinatay.

Contrary to most award bashes, HAF kicked off by handing out its main awards first, the two HAF awards and accompanying ARRI awards – one for a Hong Kong project, and one not. The winner of the Hong Kong award, bank heist title Doomsday Party, was a popular choice, coming from longtime director and producer Teddy Robin Kwan.

It arrived at HAF seeking only pre-sales, having already secured its US$1 million budget, and everybody loves a winner.

Also a winner, in more ways than one, was the recipient of the beyond HK award, Filipino drama project Barber’s Tales. It’s from director Jun Robles Lana, whose Bwakaw was an Asian Film Award winner earlier in the week, when Eddie Garcia took out both the Best Actor and Favourite Actor awards for his role, while Filipino actress Nora Aunor also took best actress for Thy Womb.

Keeping it in the Filipino family and closing the circle, Garcia received his award from last year’s Favourite Actress winner, Eugene Domingo, who was announced on Tuesday as being attached to Barber’s Tales, giving the project a timely buzz.

The project later picked up the in-kind Technicolor Asia award, which will dramatically reduce its post costs, and one of three Catapooolt seed funding awards from the Indian-developed crowd-funding site.

No other project collected multiple awards on the evening.

The complete list of winners is:

The HAF Awards
Doomsday·Party (Hong Kong) by HO Hong for a project originating in Hong Kong
Barber’s Tales (The Philippines) by Jun Robles LANA for a project originating outside of Hong Kong.
Two cash cash prizes of HK$150,000 each (approximately US$19,230).
ARRI Awards, two in-kind awards valued at Eur 30,000 each for renting ARRI equipment, presented by world-class motion picture equipment manufacturer ARRI ASIA, are given to the respective winners of HAF Awards.
The Technicolor Asia Award
Barber’s Tales (The Philippines) by Jun Robles LANA.
An in-kind prize worth US$25,000 (approximately HK$195,000) by Technicolor Asia, Bangkok.
HAF/Fox Chinese Film Development Award, presented by Fox International Productions (Greater China) Ltd.
Underground River (China)
The Flying Postman (aka Qing Gong) (Singapore/ Hong Kong/ China).
Two cash prizes of HK$100,000 (approx. US$12,900) and Development Contracts with Fox.
The HAF Script Development Fund, presented and sponsored by Bona Film Group and The Hong Kong Film Festival Society Limited
A Happy Wish (Taiwan)
A cash prize of HK$100,000 (approximately US$12,820).
At the HAF ceremony, the award was mistakenly presented to
Heart: the Cleaning Company (Taiwan)

The Paris Project Award, presented by Paris Cinéma International Film Festival
Departure (China) directed by ZHOU Hongbo and produced by LI Yuan.
an invitation to the Paris Project 2013 at the Paris Cinema International Film Festival.
Wouter Barendrecht Award, presented by the Wouter Barendrecht Film Foundation, Create Hong Kong and Hong Kong Film Development Fund
All About You (Japan) directed by JANG Kunjae and produced by KAWASE Naomi.
A cash prize of HK$50,000 (approximately US$6,410).
Catapooolt Awards, presented by Catapooolt
Seed Funding Awards and complimentary listing on Catapooolt’s official website.
The US$1,500 seed funding award: The Last Wedding on Earth (Indonesia) directed by Joko ANWAR and produced by Tia HASIBUAN and Uwie BALFAS.
The US$1,000 seed funding award: Barber’s Tales (The Philippines) directed by  Jun Robles LANA and produced by Ferdinand LAPUZ, Perci INTALAN and Tonee ACEJO.
The US$500 seed funding award: One Thousand (The Philippines) directed by Lawrence FAJARDO and produced by Krisma FAJARDO.
The Network of Asian Fantastic Films Award
When I Come to Me (Hong Kong) by Lam Suk-ching.
US$2,700 (approx. HK$21,060), and an invitation to participate in the Network of Asian Fantastic Films 2013 at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival.

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