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Hong Kong: kicks off own awards season

The Hong Kong Film Critics Association Awards were announced Monday, ahead of the February presentation ceremony. Nostalgia was the winner, with homages and remakes picking up most of the awards.

The local box office hit Gallants, seen here as part of the 2010 Hong Kong Festival, was the only multiple winner, with romcom Crossing Hennessy (a remake of the 1988 Crossing Delancey) picking up one award and a commendation.

The awards also announce the critics’ choice of ‘films of merit’ from the previous year, this year selecting seven of the 52 titles made and released in the territory in 2010. In addition to the winning films, the critics also noted The Stool Pigeon, Like a Dream, Breaking the Willow, La Comedie humaine and Love in a Puff. The list was surprising since two of the films (Like a Dream, Breaking the Willow) were panned by the critics on release.

The films awarded demonstrate the Hong Kong critics’ greater willingness to reward comedic films and performances than is often seen in Western awards results. Of the four films sharing the five awards, four are comedies. The other, period martial arts story Reign of Assassins, is by no means short on humour.

Overall winner Gallants (ga geriatric kung-fu comedyh) pays homage to the Shaw Brothers kung-fu classics of the 1970s and 80s, several of which the leads Siu-Lung Leung, Kuan Tai Chen, Teddy Kwan and action choreographer Tak Yuen appeared in.

Best Film: Gallants
Best Director: Su Chao-pin for Reign of Assassins
Best Screenplay: Ivy Ho for Crossing Hennessy
Best Actor: Teddy Robin for Gallants
Best Actress: Miriam Yeung for Perfect Wedding

Actors receiving commendations for their performances were Chapman To for La Comedie humaine and Nick Cheung for The Stool Pigeon : actresses were Tang Wei for Crossing Hennessy and Kwai Lun-mei for The Stool Pigeon .