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Housebound bound for US release

Gerard Johnstone’s SXSW-premiered Escalator feature Housebound has picked up a deal for US distribution, with some assistance from Deadlands’ and The Raid 2 distributor XYZ Films.

The deal was announced early today NZ time through Deadline, with Housebound EP Ant Timpson also posting the information on his website.

The distribution deal is with XLrator Media. XYZ negotiated the deal on behalf of the Housebound team.


Housebound: I told you …

XYZ came on board Deadlands in December, and were very supportive of Housebound at the time of its SXSW premiere. During the festival XYZ tweeted “Word on the street is that the horror comedy HOUSEBOUND is the surprise of #sxsw”.

Timpson also tweeted in support of the premiere screening. The film received positive reviews including an early one from ShockTillYouDrop, which opened

Meet the big genre surprise of SXSW 2014 … this is one to look out for. Housebound is a pleasing blend of scares and laughs wrapped in a Tales from the Crypt-like package that doesn`t sacrifice character for thrills.

XLrator plans to put Housebound out in the US Autumn, which will give the film a day-and-date limited theatrical plus VOD release.

Xlrator is a mostly genre-focused distributor, targeting “enthusiast genres and categories that are under-served by the major studios and most independents”.

The only other Australasian title immediately obvious in its catalogue is 6ixty Foot Films and Firelight Productions’ Storm Surfers 3D.

Housebound was funded by the NZFC as one of four titles put into production during the first round of the Escalator scheme.

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