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HP48HOURS Grand Finalists announced

563 teams have been whittled down to this year’s 18 Grand Finalists, including the three Peter Jackson Wildcards.

The City Finals ran last month, from which 15 titles were selected for the Grand Final. Event Patron, Sir Peter Jackson, has hand-picked three favourite films for the coveted ‘Peter Jackson Wildcards’. This year he has selected films from Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin.

The full list of category finalists is here. The award cermony runs 4 November. Tickets are now on sale.



The 2017 HP48Hours Grand Finalists are:
The Super Galactic Spacecadets, City of Fish
Under the Bridge, Cool Story Bro Film
Transformation, Disqualified TIm
Split Sibling Decision Free Chicken
Hard to peas, Hot Grog
Pizza Money, Jovial Ent
The Snapper, Michael’s Baes
Self Service, Miss Fire Productions
A Friend for Life, Mixing Pixels
Jack And Joni, Moffilaide
Snow Country for Cold Elves, Permanently Confused
Losing Lucy, Shutter Rollers
Feeding, Southern Belles
Dazza And Bazza 2: Nicked, Squint Eastwood
Some Body At The Lake, The Creamery

Peter Jackson Wildcards
Banned Practice, Rambunctious Gumption
The Black Ballet, Super Furious Ninja Dragon
Not Again, Les Cousin Dangereux